5 Art Deco Geometric Wooden Urns

We have a growing collection of unique wooden urns for ashes here at Urns For Angels. As we collaborate with more and more highly skilled designer artisans, we offer our families an even wider variety of wooden cremation urns. 

The collection in this blog is inspired by the perfect geometry of shapes, adhering to the 1920's art deco style.

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1. Diamond Willow Cremation Urn for Ashes 

This sleek geometric cremation urn is characterised by its sharp angles and straight lines, with a diamond shape on each face of the cube. The diamond is usually symbolic of purity, love, and virtue with its clear crystal appearance. It is why an engagement ring is typically topped with a diamond. This makes this wooden urn the perfect place to keep your loved one's ashes as a representation of the love that you shared for one another. 

This has a beautiful art deco style about it, representing modernism turned into fashion. The craftsmanship of this modern urn speaks luxury and anti-traditional elegance. 

Our Diamond Willow wooden urn comes in two variants which are both shown below.

Diamond Willow Cremation Urn for AshesDiamond Willow Cremation Urn for Ashes

2. Fort Cremation Urn for Ashes 

The top and bottom of the this wooden urn are heavy in stature, while the middle has been taken in. The middle of this unique urn is different in colour and pattern, creating depth and irregularity within the design. 

You can clearly see the naturally flowing lines of the wood, symbolising nature, comfort, and ease. This is the perfect memorial piece to have in your home and glance upon if you are ever needing that down time to reminisce on the happy memories you and your loved one shared.

Fort cremation urn for ashes

3. Nexus Cremation Urn for Ashes

At first glance, this unusual urn might not seem like it is a wooden urn for ashes. It is a lacquered wood that has been painted in one of three different colours: Bronze, Gold, or Platinum. 

This unique urn is engraved with straight lines moving in an unparalleled manner, crossing multiple times forming an array of geometric shapes. These crossings are symbolic of the various crossing of paths that we experience throughout life.

nexus cremation urn for ashes

4. Reverie Cremation Urn for Ashes

This wooden urn for ashes has a 'T' shaped symbol embossed into the four walls of the cremation urn. This can be seen as a faithful link to Jesus and his strong leadership. 

Alternatively, this is a sleek and modern urn with a smooth exterior and finished with a glossy varnish. You can clearly see the strength in the design and build of this wooden urn, making it the perfect resting place for a loved one who was a protector in your life.

reverie cremation urn for ashes


5. Rubix Cremation Urn for Ashes

Our wooden urn here resembles that of a rubix cube, hence it's name. This is often used as a symbol of an idea or meaning. Some believe it can convey the complexities of life due to its difficulty to solve, therefore, representing one's intelligence. 

The middle square on the faces of the urn take the focal point as they are a different colour to the surrounding ones, making it an eye-catching choice as a wooden urn. These strong straight lines and the stable structure adhere strongly to the art deco design, symbolising luxury and wealth. 

rubix cremation urn for ashes

We hope this list of our art deco style geometric urns have given you inspiration towards the right cremation urn for ashes.

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