5 Brilliant Brown Keepsake Urns

In this article we will be discussing the array of Brown Keepsake Urns that we have available in our store. From the range of beautiful brown urns to choose from, you will be sure to find a more than suitable piece to commemorate your loved one. Take a look below to find out more. 

The colour brown is seen as solid, associated with feelings of resilience, dependability, security and safety, while also linking to the earth and its soil.

Spiritually the brown earthy tones represents growth, which symbolises how your loved one will have grown into their role of being your guardian angel. These brown Keepsake Urns would be suitable for your loved one if they were your security in life, who helped you through your struggles. 

1) The Christ Keepsake Urn 

The Christ Keepsake Urn has been thoughtfully handcrafted with gentle angled lines to represent the blooming petals of a flower, with a small candle that is revealed on the inside.

You may also interpret this piece as being a similar appearance to that of Jesus’ thorn crown, with its intertwining turns and layers that bond together. The candle in the middle on the Keepsake Urn symbolises that of the eternal flame of the human soul. 

This beautiful piece has been handcrafted from high quality ceramic with resistance to atmospheric influences, meaning that the keepsake urn is suitable for the outdoors. This urn would make a great addition to the larger sized urn which is available in our store. 

This keepsake urn is available in 10 colours, which include Crackle Glaze, Cream, Dark Green, Glossy Black, Light Sand, Matte White, Metallic Blue, Oily Brown and White.

The bottom base of the urn has an opening where you pour your loved one’s ashes into, with the tight seal lid being pushed into place to keep your loved one’s ashes safe. We do also recommend that you seal this urn with an adhesive that is suitable to apply to ceramic surfaces. 

The Christ Ashes Keepsake Urn

2) The Holy Mother Keepsake Urn

This divine Keepsake Urn has soft and smooth folds which showcase your faith with the Holy Mother, helping you through your hard times. The small tealight candle can be a signal of how you will continue to glow and grow no matter how hard the situation gets. Many people who tend to have a keepsake urn, tend to light the candle in times of remembrance or contemplation. 

The Holy Mother Keepsake Urn is a splendid addition to the larger sized urn which is also available to buy in our store. When it comes to people’s loved one’s ashes, some prefer to keep a small portion of their loved one’s ashes within this urn. More than likely in another room, so that they are always around you, no matter which room in your home that you are in.

This Keepsake Urn is available in 9 different colours. These colours include  Crackle Glaze, Cream, Dark Green, Light Sand, Matte White, Metallic Blue, Oily Brown, White & Glossy Black. 

The urn opens at the base and allows you to safely store your loved one’s ashes into, with a tightly sealed lid. We recommend sealing this urn with  adhesive glue that is suitable to be used on ceramic surfaces.

This modern and unique urn also comes available as a larger cremation urn, which when bought together, compliment each other immensely with their body of lined petals that bloom with candlelight. 

This keepsake urn for ashes has resistance to atmospheric influences, making it so that the urn can be placed outside in the garden if you would like to do so. You may decide to have it placed in your home, but later in life, decide that you want to make your loved one a memorial garden & that is very easy to do with this cremation urn. 

The Holy Mother Ashes Keepsake Urn

3) The Heart Divided Keepsake Urn for Ashes 

This beautiful keepsake urn has been elegantly handcrafted from Cherry Wood, the variations of this piece include a Cherry Wood Keepsake Urn with a locking mechanism & a Cherry Wood Keepsake urn without a locking mechanism that does not hold ashes. 

This piece has been beautifully crafted into the shape of a heart, the heart has been split into 2 halves, showcasing how even after the loss of your loved one, there will always be a place for your loved one in your heart. 

This wooden urn has been made from eco-friendly materials that make it that it can be placed within the home or due to it being biodegradable, it can be buried into land to naturally decompose between 2-5 years and then release your loved one’s ashes into the Earth. 

This Keepsake Urn is suitable for adults, children or pets.

Heart Divided Keepsake Urn For Ashes

4) The Ripples Ashes Keepsake Urn 

This keepsake urn has the same thoughtful design behind it, with its representation of waves, washing away the hard times and making way through to new beginnings, symbolising your loved one’s transition to the afterlife. 

This urn can be used to share your loved one’s ashes between your family and others. Due to the size of this keepsake urn, it can also be used to hold the ashes of a small pet. 

The Ripples Ashes Keepsake Urn is available in 11 various colours, which include Oily Brown, Beige Grey, Black, Crackle Glaze, Cream, Dark Beige, Glossy Black, Green, Grey, Metallic Blue & Oily Green. 

The urns open at the base of the piece, with a lid that seals tightly to keep your loved one’s ashes securely in the urn. We do recommend sealing this urn with an adhesive glue that is suitable to use on ceramic surfaces. 

A plus to this keepsake urn is that it is resistant to atmospheric influences, making it suitable to be placed in your garden to possibly create a memorial area for your loved one. The size of this urn makes it also useful to use with pets ashes too. 

This keepsake can also be purchased with a matching full sized urn which compliment each other tremendously. 

Ripples Ashes Keepsake Urn

5) The Pebbles Ashes Keepsake 

The smaller keepsake can be used as a means to share your loved one’s ashes between your family, or you may just want to have your loved one’s ashes in a keepsake to place them in another room of your home. 

The varied palette of colours has been especially worked out by laboratory assistants and artists that provide the highest quality of aesthetics. This urn is small enough to hold in your hands in times of remembrance and contemplation for your loved one. You can use it to feel close to them and hold them tight in your hands. 

The subtle design of this urn means that it does not resemble the typical funeral urn. It can blend in with other mantelpiece decorations and have visitors be none the wiser that it holds a part of your loved one’s ashes. 

The urn opens at the base and has a lid that can be tightly sealed to keep your loved one’s ashes secure and in place. We recommend using an adhesive glue suitable for ceramic surfaces to make sure the lid stays firmly in place. There is a full sized urn counterpart which can be found in our store or purchased together. 

The Pebbles Ashes Keepsake has resistance to atmospheric influences, making it suitable to be kept indoors or in your garden, where you can add it to a memorial spot for your loved one. 

Pebbles Ashes Keepsake Urn
We hope that this article of our handpicked captivating brown keepsake cremation urns has helped in giving you an insight of the range of urns for ashes that we have available to honour your loved one's memory. 
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