5 Captivating White Cremation Urns for Ashes

In this article we will be discussing the features of our beautiful white cremation urns for ashes, as well as which white urns we have available on our website. These cremation urns are available in a multitude of sizes. Find out more about these urns below. 

The colour white symbolises purity and innocence, as well as often being associated with new beginnings and fresh starts. Some may say that the colour white links to heaven and all things religious. With this comes feelings of protection and spirituality. These cremation urns for ashes would be suitable for a loved one who was your protector and brought you feelings of peace. 

1) Eternity Cremation Urn for Ashes Range

This beautifully carved Eternity cremation urn for ashes has been created with the thought of remembrance in mind; your loved one will always be remembered for generations to come. The sleek and curvaceous infinity symbol situated on the front face of the cremation urn symbolises eternity, adhering to it's namesake. 

It signifies that your loved one and their memory will be everlasting to you. The sleek and modern appearance of this cremation urn for ashes makes it suitable to place in any home, whether your décor is modern or classical.

This funeral urn has been beautifully handcrafted from the highest quality of ceramics, made available to buy in a collection of colours. An added extra to this white urn is that there is a candlelight porch where a tealight can be lit in times of remembrance and contemplation, leaving a vibrant glow inside the infinity symbol. 

This beautiful urn also has a matching keepsake available for purchase. These keepsake urns can be used to share your loved one’s ashes with family or you like, you can place a separate portion of ashes in different rooms of your home.  

We recommend that you seal this ceramic urn with an adhesive glue suitable for ceramic surfaces. For the candlelight porch, comes a tea light candle, which will compliment the elegant look and feel of your cremation urn for ashes. 

The colours available are Beige Grey, Black, Crackle Glaze, Cream, Dark Sand, Green Metallic Blue, Oily Green, Red and White. 

Eternity Cremation Urn for Ashes

2) The Passage Cremation Urn for Ashes Range

This unique and beautiful abstract urn for ashes focuses on the bond within this world and the outer world. Much like the Eternity cremation urn, this too has a space for a candle to be lit in the middle body of the urn. 

As the soft flame bodied inside the middle of the urn dances in remembrance of your loved one, the soft light of the flame reflects gracefully along the curved lines of the urn, emphasising the beauty and peace it withholds. 

The sensationally handcrafted urn for ashes holds your loved one’s ashes within the gentle spiral that rotates to swirl inwards, resembling the passage of time and the memories that they have left with you. 

This ceramic urn can be paired collectively with the keepsake version, which is available in our store. We advise you to seal these urns for ashes with an adhesive glue suitable for ceramic surfaces. With this urn being resistant to atmospheric influences, it means that this urn is also suitable for outdoor placement.

White Passage Cremation urn for ashes
The Passage Keepsake Urn

3) Guardian Angel Cremation Urn for Ashes Range

With it’s thoughtful design and soft lines that swoop and curve along the front face of the wings, it becomes a truly remarkable piece that would be suitable for any home or garden décor. This cremation urn for ashes symbolises feelings of purity, humility, and divine peace which are associated with guardian angels. 

This beautiful urn comes in a variety of colours, such as Beige Grey, Black, Crackle Glaze, Cream, Dark Beige, Grey, Light Sand, Oily Green or White. This ensures there is a colour variant that is sure to match with the current theme of your home or garden.

We believe that this cremation urn for ashes would be suitable for a loved one who was religious or spiritual. This urn could be interpreted as a guardian angel watching over your loved one in heaven, or your loved one being your guardian angel and protecting you. 

We recommend that you use adhesive glue suitable for ceramic surfaces when it comes to sealing this cremation urn. This urn is also available as a keepsake urn, which can be found on our website. 

White Guardian Angel Cremation urn for Ashes
Guardian Angel matching keepsake urn

4) Light Cremation Urn for Ashes Range

This beautiful, yet unique masterpiece of a cremation urn is a piece that brings you sensations of calmness, cosiness and warmth, keeping the memories of your loved one around forever.

This white urn for ashes has a integrated tealight holder space. The tealight can be lit in times of remembrance for your loved one. The candle reflects on the inner side of the urn creating a dancing beam of light which enhances the shadows of the crumpled outer texture of the urn, resembling a blanket being wrapped around the light. 

This urn is also available as a keepsake, which can be used to pair with this urn or to be placed in multiple rooms around your home. 

This cremation urn for ashes is available in 9 colours, which include Dark Beige, Black, Cream, Dark Sand, Green, Metallic Blue, Red, White, Crackle Glaze.

White Light Cremation Urn for Ashes and Keepsake

5) Pampas Cremation Urn for Ashes

This urn has a traditional urn shape, which is a benefit to those who like the appearance of the traditional type of cremation urns. The white colour gives this urn a clean and untouched feel to it, embossed with gentle patterns of paisleys that cover the whole body of the urn. 

This is one of our raku urns which has been polished by hand, showcasing it’s Japanese style heritage, where raku first began during the 1580’s.

The Raku firing technique consists of glazed ceramics which go through a quick firing process at around 1000℃. The pottery is then removed from the kiln, making sure they are still glowing red hot, where they are to be placed in a material that would cool the pieces down rapidly. 

This can be done using materials that would readily catch fire, such as sawdust or paper, creating a ‘reduction’ atmosphere which consumes the oxygen available, creating carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide draws out oxygen from the clay and glaze, intensifying the colours and textures. This creates orange, red, copper, and gold tones.

The pottery can also be cooled down via a ‘oxidation’ atmosphere by submerging the piece into cold bodies of water. The oxygen in the body of water reacts with the metals in the clay piece and glaze to create a finish which often consists of blue and green tones. 

Ultimately, a myriad of colours are created within the glaze, and the extreme change in temperatures create a crackled look. 

This process makes it that each cremation urn for ashes is one of a kind and is not repeatable, being a unique piece to your loved one and their honour. This piece also has a matching keepsake that is available in our store. 

This cremation urn can be placed indoors or outdoors due to it being resistant to atmospheric influences. 

Pampas Cremation Urn for Ashes
We hope that this article of our handpicked captivating white cremation urns has helped in giving you an insight of the range of urns for ashes that we have available to honour your loved one's memory. 
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