6 White Biodegradable Urns For Ashes

We have created this article to inform you of 6 of our white biodegradable urns for ashes that we have available to you. These cremation urns are made from natural materials that are eco-friendly and biodegradable, suitable for environmentally conscious families and loved ones. 

Mulberry trees have been used as a source material when handcrafting these cremation urns for ashes, the materials have been collected using an ancient technique that allows the tree to continue growing unharmed.

An eco-friendly biodegradable bag is included with these urns, to place your loved one's ashes into before placing them into the urn.

Simplicity Earthurn Biodegradable Urn
This simplicity urn is eco friendly, which is beneficial if you are looking to have an environmentally friendly ceremony for your loved one. 

This urn comes in two halves that join together to become one, which is symbolic in the sense that the earth and your loved one will join together to be one in the burial ceremony. The white tones symbolise purity, which could relate to your loved one and how they were as a person, a sweet and kind soul. 
The Simplicity urn comes in 4 various designs. The design shown is the floral white pattern. The other choices of designs are wood grain, black and grey.

Heart Shaped Biodegradable Urn Companion
This particular urn comes in two halves, that when joined together form a beautiful heart shape. The unique attribute that this urn has is that each half of the urn can hold the capacity of an adult's ashes, meaning two adults can be reunited with this heart rendered urn. 

The design resembles elegance and purity with the white textured design and the spread of embedded flowers. 
Heart Shaped Biodegradable Urn

This urn can be used to temporary store your loved ones ashes prior to having a land burial ceremony. There are different variations of this urn, this one is the beautiful floral white variant. The other options are wood grain and pastel variants. 

The heart shape is known globally as a symbol of love and affection, which could be used for a family member that is loved greatly by all or could be used for the passing of a partner or husband/wife. 

If you would like to use this urn for a land burial, all you have to do is bury the urn into soil and it will naturally disperse over time back into the earth. 
Reflect Earthurn Biodegradable Urn
This urn can be used to temporarily store your loved ones ashes prior to having a land burial ceremony.  When you bury the urn into the ground, it will begin to disperse over time.  

It comes in two halves that join together at the centre of the design. It is oval shaped and printed with tiny fern leaves around the urn, giving it a delicate and naturistic aesthetic. Fern leaves symbolise eternal youth, therefore this would be a good choice of cremation urn for someone that was young at heart.

Purity Earthurn Biodegradable Urn
The Purity Earthurn can be used to temporarily store your loved ones ashes prior to a land burial. 

The urn is oval shaped with very small red flowers embedded into the design. This gives it a feminine and naturistic aesthetic. After the urn is submerged into the ground, it will eventually start to dissolve back into the earth. 

This shape is an imperfect circle, which symbolises uniqueness and difference, this would be suited to a family member that was unique and bold in what they did. 
Embrace Biodegradable Urn

This urn is suitable for temporarily holding your family member's ashes. 

While it is a temporary container suitable for those who might not necessarily want to go through with a land burial ceremony straight away, it also has a beautiful design to place in the home.

This particular urn comes in four variations, this urn is the white and hemp design. The other variants are brown, autumn leaves and blue. 

Once the urn has been buried into soil, it will start to disperse over time back into the earth. 

We hope that this article has informed you of the wide selection of white biodegradable urns that we have available. You can find our whole collection of biodegradable urns here in our store. 

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