7 Different Kinds of Remarkable Silver Jewellery Pieces

Sterling Silver jewellery has been a popular choice for generations. It is an incredibly durable material, even stronger than gold. It's light weight, ensuring that there isn't too much force of the jewellery on your body. Sterling Silver jewellery can last you a lifetime, if it's taken care of properly. Silver is actually really easy to keep looking clean to prevent tarnishing. All you need to do is clean your jewellery with a polishing cloth from to time, which all over silver products come with. 

The colour silver exudes moon energy, being the balance between dark and light. It is the colour of Artemis, the Greek Goddess of chastity. It is symbolic of purity, strength, clarity, and focus.

1. Braided Stainless Steel Ashes Bracelet

This professionally braided silver ashes bracelet is made from high-quality 316 stainless steel. It is extremely durable due to its layers, allowing this piece to stand the test of time. 

It is an extremely versatile piece which can be dressed up for a special occasion or dressed down for you every day casual attire.

There is a small 11m silver ash contained that holds a precious pinch of your loved one's ashes. It is also complimented with a 4mm magnetic enclosure which ensures that your stunning bracelet is secure and easy to wear. 

This beautiful ashes bracelet allows you to keep your loved one close by even on your travels.

Braided Stainless Steel Ashes Bracelet for Men


2. Leather Ashes Steel Charm Bracelet

Our silver steel ashes bracelet is made from high-quality leather, intertwining four soft 1.5mm leather cords, creating a very comfortable piece of jewellery. The leather will also adapt to your body temperature due to its special elasticity. 

Like the braided ashes bracelet, this silver bracelet has an 11mm ash chamber made from 316 stainless steel which is crafted into the shape of a tear. This shape often presents itself in nature in various forms such as rain drops, often symbolising peace and balance. The chamber can hold a small portion of your dearly deportee's ashes so you can keep them close by with you at all times. 

This bracelet is also equipped with a 4mm magnetic enclosure, ensuring the safety of this bracelet around your wrist. 

Leather Ashes Steel Charm Bracelet silver


3. Steel Gemstone Self-fill Ashes Pendant

This pendant is another example of one of our stunning silver jewellery pieces which can be intertwined with your every day casual wear or as a stand out piece for your formal wear. 

The pendant comes on a 45cm stunning steel chain to complete the overall shiny silver appearance. This is the perfect necklace to keep on every day or to be that finishing touch to your evening dress.

The stone set within this deep pendant is available in 15 different colours including Strawberry Quartz, Green Agate, and Blue Goldstone.

Steel Gemstone Self-fill Ashes Pendant


4. Steel Gemstones Self-fill Ashes Ring

Our Steel Gemstone Ring matches our above Steel Gemstones Pendant. These can be bought to be a matching pair to truly enhance the look of your silver accessories. 

Each gemstone signifies a different meaning, letting you choose which which one resonates with your the best and describes the personality that your loved one had. 

The ring has a secure twistable top which reveals a small ashes chamber where your loved ones ashes will be kept safe. 

Steel Gemstone Self-fill Ashes Ring Gold Rutilated Quartz


5. Steel Self-fill Ashes Teardrop Necklace

This elegant silver ashes necklace is equipped with a teardrop shaped pendent which can hold a small portion of your loved one's ashes. This necklace has a simple design which can be worn all the time, complimenting your everyday attire. 

The teardrop is often seen as a symbol that represents fertility, creativity, and emotion. 

Steel Self-fill ashes Teardrop Necklace


6. Double Sided Fingerprint & Drawing Pendant with Fine Silver Link Chain

This pendant gives the best of both worlds with the fingerprint of your beloved on one side and their personal message or drawing on the other. This is then hung on a beautiful sterling silver fine link chain.

The pendant is available in seven different shapes: Oval, Heart, Circle, Teardrop, Oblong Tag, Star and Dog-Tag.

You can use our Fingerprint Mould Kit, to enable you or your bereavement service provider to capture the detail of the print using a moulding compound which is then returned to us.

Double Sided Fingerprint & Drawing Pendant with Fine Silver Link Chain



Double Sided Fingerprint & Drawing Pendant with Fine Silver Link Chain

7. Drawings & Handwriting Pendant

This dainty sterling silver charm is equipped with the handwritten drawing or message from your loved one. You can find comfort in having a little piece of your loved one's art hanging around your neck, creating a sense that they are always with you.

Our pendant comes in a number of classic different shapes including: Oval, Heart, Circle, Teardrop, Oblong Tag, Star and Dog-Tag.

Drawings & Handwriting Pendant


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