Adult Cremation Urns For Ashes

In this article we will be informing you of the wide array of adult cremation urns that we have available online in our store. There is a wide selection of colours, materials and finishes to choose from, whether you, for example would like an outdoor urn for your garden or a glazed indoor cremation urn for your modern décor, the options are endless.

1. Eternity Cremation Urn For Ashes alongside it's matching keepsake urn: the Eternity Ashes Keepsake Urn.

Eternity Cremation Urn For Ashes

This is a cremation urn suitable for an adult, it can hold 4.1 litres of cremated ashes. This urn has been hand-crafted with ceramic materials and available in many different colours, such as crackle glaze, beige grey, matte black, cream, dark sand, green, metallic blue, oily green, red and white. 

The infinity symbol that is subtly imprinted into the front of the cremation urn symbolises your eternal love for your cherished one. It embodies the everlasting nature of the impact they had on family and friends alike

The candlelight porch is a beautiful attribute to the cremation urn, which can be used when in remembrance and possibly prayer time, to bring peace into your life. 

2. Diamond Cremation Urn

Diamond Cremation Urn
This diamond cremation urn has been made from porcelain. It can hold approximately 3.6 litres of cremated ashes, suitable for adults. 

There is the option to have this adult cremation urn in a glazed or matte finish. The urn comes with a high quality storage bag to keep the urn protected if you don't want it out on display. 

Diamonds are associated with strength and love. This resembles your love for your family member being unbreakable.

Diamonds are also one of the strongest substances known to man, showing that you and your loved one are strong in spirit and knowing that they love you will give you the strength to get through anything in life. 

The bold white colour of the cremation urn makes a stunning edition to anyone's home décor, white is a colour that can be paired with any aesthetic, to stand our or blend in. 
This wooden biodegradable urn has been handcrafted by a highly skilled woodwork craftsman. It has a choice of 3 variations of materials, lime wood, lime wood painted with real gold leaf and swiss pine wood. 

The wooden urn has been sculpted to look like a ripple in the ocean. It represents the tranquillity in nature around us. This urn could be suitable to a loved one that had a liking for the peaceful outdoors, or enjoyed watching bodies of water flowing around them. 

This unique piece can be displayed in the home to match a naturistic decor style, or it can be buried into the ground to disperse over the years into the earth as it is a natural biodegradable material.

4. Photo Candle Cremation Urn
Photo Candle Cremation Urn
This adult cremation urn is a beautiful way to honour your loved one with. The photo frame makes it more personal to yourself and your angel. Take the time to pick out your favourite photo with your beloved, or maybe pick a photo they liked in particular.

This urn is made from stainless steel and can be placed outdoors in your garden or inside in your home due to its resistance to atmospheric influences. The urn can hold approximately 3.5 litres of cremates ashes. 

A candle can be held in the urn, making it a stunning focal point in times of remembrance for your loved one. It is a beautiful tribute to your cherished family member. 

5. Simple Ceramic Urn
Simple Ceramic Urn
This is a large urn for ashes, suitable for adults. It can hold approximately 4 litres of cremated ashes. This cremation urn is made from high quality ceramic, whilst being biodegradable. If you wanted to do so you could bury the urn and have your loved one return to nature, or place the urn in your garden or home as part of your memorial display for your loved one. 

This simple urn structure is modern in taste and colours. The solid, bold colours make a beautiful addition to your home or garden, while also highlighting significance to your cherished one. 

The colour choices are deep brown and leafy green, both naturistic colours, symbolising a loved one who possibly had an interest in the outdoors and nature. 

6. White Rose Cremation Urn

White Rose Cremation Urn

The White Rose Urn is beautifully hand-painted in oil by Morean Pizzol. She is an Italian artist specialised in oil painting, the main subjects are love, nature, and flowers. This urn is designed to hold an adult's amount of ashes. It can approximately hold 4.3 litres of cremated ashes. 

There are 2 material options to choose from, premium Walnut or Oakwood. The corners of the adult sized urn have been crafted to be round and smooth to the touch. The White Rose has a sophisticated, soft finish, you can place it into your hand for times of thought and reflection or when you want to feel comfort from being near your loved one. 

Due to the urns being hand made, each urn is slightly different. The white rose represents loyalty and purity. This could be suitable for a loved one that was your partner or maybe even your parent. 

There is a secure lid that can be sealed at the bottom of the cremation urn. With this cremation urn you also get a cotton bag cover, a guarantee card and a secure aluminium bag for the cremated ashes be held safely. 

7. Bamboo Biodegradable Burial Urn

Bamboo Biodegradable Burial Urn
This urn is suitable to hold the ashes of a large adult. Holding approximately 3.60 litres of cremated ashes. 

This urn is an eco-friendly way to have a land burial in a location that meant a lot to your cherished one. It has a beautiful cylinder design with a smooth and soft to the touch surface. There is a secure locking pin in place to make sure your loved one's ashes stay safe inside the cremation urn. 

Bamboo symbolises strength and resilience, it symbolises how your love for your family member is strong and that you will continue to love them forever.

After placing your cherished one's ashes into the urn and burying the urn into some land, it will take approximately 2-6 months to completely biodegrade and become one with the earth. 
Gourd Biodegradable Urn For Ashes
Gourds are fruit that grow in Southwestern USA deserts. These fruit are then dried out by local artisans and then crafted to be used as biodegradable urns. The urn can hold 3.6 litres of cremated ashes and is available in colours: brown, beige and black with a naturally polished finish. The urn also comes with a biodegradable ashes bag suitable for land burial.

A piece of driftwood is attached to the urn's lid and it comes with a 25 gram cast bronze medallion, which has a symbol of the tree of life carved into it. The tree of life symbolises wisdom and individual beauty, embodying the individual qualities your beloved possessed. 

The 7.6cm natural cork top of the urn can be lifted off so that you can safely place your loved one's ashes into the cremation urn, it will then be securely fastened so that the urn can be buried underground, where it will start to disperse over time back into the earth. 
Lotus Cremation Urn For Ashes
This lotus metal urn has been beautifully crafted to symbolise your angel standing strong and peacefully like a real lotus flower. Lotus flowers embody purity and enlightenment, linking to how your family member is a pure soul. 

There are plenty of material options to choose from with this cremation urn; Corten steel, Bronze, Stainless steel, Matte black stainless steel and Waxed steel. The Stainless steel, Matte black stainless steel and Bronze lotus urns are suitable to be displayed outdoors, as they are resistant to atmospheric influences. 

Lotus flowers are known to grow in the dirtiest of waters, which symbolise the dark time that you are going through right now, but linking to the analogy for human conditions: even in the dirtiest of waters, the lotus creates a most beautiful flower. Meaning that through this dark time, you will bloom again. 

We hope that this article has informed you of the wide selection of adult urns that we have available. You can find our whole collection of large urns for adults ashes here in our store. 

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