Biodegradable Gourd Urns

At Urns for Angels, we pride ourselves in our very large selection of cremation urns which we have available in all sorts of materials such as, ceramic, metal, wood and biodegradable. All varying in shape, colour and size to meet the specific needs of each individual for their dearly departed. 

What Are Gourd Urns? 

Gourds are a type of fruit, the ones we use for urns typically grow in the deserts of southwest America, they are among one of the oldest cultivated plants and come in all different shapes, sizes and colours.

To transform these fruits into urns for ashes, local artisans dry them out and carefully craft them into biodegradable urns. As strange as it may sound, gourds have been used as types of containers for centuries – used as water bottles by ancient Egyptians and are still used to this day for small home storage spaces.



How Are They Made? 

After they are harvested, gourds are left to dry out in sunlight while being constantly ventilated. After this the gourds are stored for a further 6 months in a ventilated but dark area to dry, with enough space between them to prevent any type of spoilage.

Only when the gourds feel lightweight but hard to the touch are they ready to be used. The insides of the fruit are removed through a hole which is cut at the top of the gourd which will ultimately be the opening of the urn. 

At Urns for Angels, we have 2 different options when it comes to gourd urns. 

1) Gourd Biodegradable Urn for Ashes – Large 

This Gourd urn is the larger option which comes in a light beige colour along with a black pattern across, it is finished off with a natural polish.

It is suitable to hold the ashes of a bodyweight up to 220 lbs making it ideal for an adult.

The lid has a piece of drift wood attached to it and comes with 25-gram cast bronze medallion with the tree of life engraved onto it. As it is a natural urn the exact sizes, shapes and colours may vary as well as the wood that is attached to the lid. 


2) Gourd Biodegradable Urn for Ashes – Small 

This Gourd urn is a smaller version of its larger counterpart and comes in a darker brown colour alongside black patterns which are spread on the surface of the urn.

It is suitable to hold the ashes of a bodyweight up to 40 lbs, making it ideal for a small portion of adult ashes as well as child and pet’s ashes. Similar to the first gourd mentioned, this gourd also has a piece of drift wood attached to the lid with a bronze medallion with the tree of life engraved onto it.

The natural handcrafted cork which seals the urn has to be lifted to place your loved one’s ashes inside and can then be placed back on, to ensure safety and security for the precious contents held inside. 

Because of its natural properties, this urn can be buried in the ground without harming the natural environment of the earth, and will slowly disperse over time.


We hope this article has been informative, introducing you to a unique vessel worthy of your loved one. 

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