Ceramic pet urns for ashes - modern tributes to our companions

Some of our fondest memories are the ones we make with our pets. Our cats and dogs give us happiness and joy when we need it most, requiring nothing in return but treats, scratching behind the ear, and a walk in the park.

When their time comes, it's only natural that we want to honour their legacy and the impact they had on our lives. Cremation has become a more prevalent option for our beloved pets in recent years, with the pandemic forcing many to work from home, we have grown closer to our companions than ever before.

Before we begin looking at the types of urns available, let's take a small detour to explore pet memorials and their history.

The history of pet memorials 

Memorials for our beloved pets have been commonplace for millennia, from ancient Egyptian sculptures of cats, to the Japanese Edo period featuring statues of guardian dogs at Shinto shrines.
.Statue of Shinto Shrine dog in Japan

Somewhat more recently in Britain, the heart warming story of Greyfriars Bobby is one known throughout Scotland. The Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier, after his owner passed away, he guarded his grave for fourteen years.

This is a perfect example of the unbreakable bond between us and our pets, a statue was dedicated to the Greyfriars Bobby, as people quickly took notice of his dedication to his owner.

Statue of Greyfriars Bobby dog in UK

Why choose a cremation urn for a memorial?

Dedicating a grand statue for our pet may sound like a brilliant idea, but unfortunately it isn't feasible for the vast majority of us. It may also take away from the personal connection you felt with your pet.

The main inspiration for using a cremation urn is to pay respects to your dearly departed, their earthly remains being kept forever in a beautiful urn, becoming sentimental to you over time.

Some people turn to their loved one's urn in times of remembrance or contemplation, their presence providing a sense of repose and peace of mind during difficult times. Having a daily reminder of your angel's positive impact on your life may inspire strength. 

What type of urn should I pick?

We offer a wide range of modern pet urns at Urns For Angels, ranging from classic to modern designs, from permanent to bio-degradable, and in an array of different materials. 

You can view our entire collection here.

While urns for pet ashes are available in many beautiful shapes and sizes, the emotions evoked by classic urn designs may not be fitting of the bond you shared with your pet, or may simply not suit your home décor. This leads us to our exclusive range of modern ceramic pet urn designs, for cat and dog lovers alike.

Ceramic Cat Cremation Urn

This expertly sculpted urn provides a modern, artistic feel. Its beautiful form bears no resemblance to that of an urn, while storing your feline friend's ashes safely inside. 

This wonderful urn can be displayed anywhere within your home, placing it next to a photo of you and your cat can make for a touching tribute, reminding you of your best memories.

Image of ceramic cat urn

Ceramic Dog Cremation Urn

The Ceramic Dog Urn design is truly unique, this urn features a photo frame with a dog's nose protruding from underneath covers. It is more than enough to make anyone do a double take, but won't take away from your other décor. 

Looking at it from the front, it is difficult to discern that this modern ceramic art is in fact an urn, you may even ask yourself - How does the photo frame fit even a small amount of ashes?

This question is resolved by having a quick look at the back and base of this urn. It uses a clever combination of bottom filling, and a hollowed out stand to keep the urn stable, while also having enough space for your pet's ashes. 

lifestyle image of the dog ceramic cremation urn
Image of the ceramic dog urn for pets
Image of the back of the ceramic dog urn

We hope that this article was informative and useful in finding the ideal urn worthy of your pet's memory.

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