Heart Warming Paw Print Jewellery to Remember your Pet

Our Paw Print Jewellery collection is the perfect memorial token to remember your beloved furry friends. It is a tribute that reminds us of the muddy paw prints we would often find on our car seats and around our house. These jewellery pieces are finally a place where you actually want to find paw prints. 

These memorial pieces make a special gift idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays. Whatever the event, these are an emotive gift that helps celebrate the life of your beloved pet.

These pieces are handcrafted from sterling silver and stamped with your pet’s unique paw print and name. 

We have a selection of jewellery pieces available from a weighty chained necklace to showcase your love for your pet in full glory, or cufflinks for a subtle touch to add to your suit.

If you need to capture your pet's paw print, we have the Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit which can be added to any of your paw print jewellery orders. Alternatively, you can scan or take a photo of a print as you order.

1. Paw Print Cufflinks

These square-shaped paw print cufflinks are the perfect gesture to add to your shirts and suits. Whether you want to wear them for special occasions, or your every day office wear, these paw print cufflinks compliment every look. 

These would make a fabulous gift for Father's Day as a tribute to his beloved lost friend. 

We also have oblong-shaped cufflinks and circle-shaped cufflinks available.

paw print cufflinks square

2. Paw Print Barrel Charm Bead

This charm could be the missing piece you've been searching for to add to your Pandora-style bracelet. Alternatively, you can see one of the paw print beads displayed on our Snake Chain Bracelet pictured below.

Each barrel bead is handcrafted with your pet's paw print on one side and their initial on the other.

This is another great way to add that subtle touch to your attire whilst still acting as a loving tribute to your friend.

paw print charm barrel bead on snake chain bracelet

3. Paw Print Charm

Another stunning sterling silver paw print charm to add to your collection upon your bracelet or necklace. This can effectively act as a standalone piece or add it to a greater collection of your existing mementos. 

This charm is available in three shapes: heart, circle, or teardrop. 

heart paw print charm

4. Paw Print Bracelet with Leather Cuff

This black leather bracelet is finished to create a satin, sleek, and sophisticated look. It has a solid clasp which compliments the black band and silver bar beautifully. 

Our Paw Print Bracelet is available in three lengths: 7.5", 8", 8.5".

paw print leather cuff bracelet

5. Paw Print Necklace with Silver Link Chain

Our Paw Print Necklaces are available in a variety of different styles of chain including a fine chain, belcher chain, leather, and shown below is which the classic silver link chain. 

This is a perfect statement piece which captures any onlookers eye, acting as a beautiful tribute to your loved one and keeping their memory alive.

paw print necklace silver link chain

6. Paw Print Keyring - Love

This is the one for you if you want to carry your pet's paw print with you every day by attaching this keyring to your keys.

paw print keyring love

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we hope you have been inspired by our paw print jewellery collection.

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