Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urns

Inspired by the models of real-life motorcycle fuel tanks, these Ceramic Urns for ashes have been handcrafted in dedication of true bikers. Perfect for those who spent their lives participating in the exciting, adventuresome aspects of the biker world.

Whether their favourite was a modern Yamaha or an old school Harley, the wide variety of designs and colours we have available allow for a unique make suited for each individual. It is a tribute that provides a nostalgic presence showcasing your angel's personality and hobbies.

In this article, we will be examining 6 different variations of the urn fuel tank, all of which carry different personalities to accommodate to your dearly departed. 

1) Branded Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urn for Ashes 

The Branded Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urns for Ashes have been created to showcase the universal brand of Harley-Davidson. Recognised as one of the earliest, influential symbols within the biker world, these urns for ashes are a direct tribute the American icon. 

Its links to the racing world has also influenced black and white, as well as other coloured racing flags which are visible at the bottom of some of these urns. Each cremation urn has been painted to present different colours and designs making each piece unique.

This urn would be ideal for someone who perhaps owned a Harley themselves or had a strong passion for the brand. 


2) Cat Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urn for Pets Ashes 

The Cat Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urn for Ashes is a special tribute, dedicated to the loving memory of your feline. Displaying an image of a cat, with brightly coloured eyes and long whiskers, this urn for pets' ashes is a special memorial.

The base colour of the urn consists of a jet-black background which reflects any light it comes into contact with. There is small heart-warming, white imprinted paws which trace alongside the bottom of the urn, reminding you of your kitten's affectionate signature. Due to the glossy black colour of this urn, it would stand out finely with lighter colours in both a casual and modern home setting. 


3) Dog Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urn for Pets Ashes 

The Dog Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urn for Pet’s Ashes is another exclusive animal tribute, dedicated to your dog. This soft grey-black coloured urn for ashes features white outlined paws along with dog treats which are printed around the circumference of the bottom of the urn.

To directly honour your pet, you have the option to personalise this urn by having your dog's name painted into the middle of the main part of this cremation urn. This is done in bright white writing which stands out against the dark background. 


4) Flame Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urn for Ashes 

The Flame Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urns for Ashes all feature a distinct flame design which starts from the back of the urn and slowly reaches over to the front.

One of the flame designs include a bright coloured outline which enhances the body of the flame to stand out against its black background. The other flame design has dual colours that essentially presents a gradient effect on these urns for ashes. 

Fire is often associated with assertiveness, passion and energy, attributes which are recognised in the adrenaline-rush day to day life of the biker world, while also emphasising the strong personality of a biker fan. 


5) Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urn for Ashes 

The Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urns for Ashes have been painted to be more plain and simplistic in regards to design. These urns feature one primary colour with another to make up the cap and middle structure, creating some dimension.

Due to the limited designs and colours, these urns can be blended and matched to complexions present within your home décor.

Made out of ceramic material the different colours on each urn encourage a reflective shine giving these urns a polished look.  


6) Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urn for Ashes – Black Edition 

The Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urn for Ashes in Black Edition is a sculpted fuel tank urn which is suited to those who prefer a classic look, due to the matte effect of the single black coloured urn.

Both the cap of the urn, as well as the rest of the body are painted to look identical in shade. The influence of the colour black holds importance within biker culture, representing fearlessness, rebellion and power.

This simple urn would blend into any home furniture as black is a generic colour, this can cause it to either stand out against lighter colours or merge with similar dark colours.  


We are delighted to introduce you to our unique motorcycle fuel tank cremation urns and hope this article has been helpful to you. 

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