Occasions To Wear Memorial Jewellery

Memorial jewellery can be worn every day as part of formal and casual attire, some people prefer to wear their ashes jewellery for special events such as, weddings, birthdays and other family celebrations so they can feel as though their loved one is part of these occasions.  



Memorial Cufflinks and Pins  

Our Memorial Cufflinks and Pins are elegant and discreet pieces of jewellery which can be worn as a staple piece for any occasion.

The Memorial Ashes Cufflinks have your loved one’s ashes infused into the glass design without the need of having to self-fill the ashes yourself. The hallmarked sterling silver presents a classic and sophisticated look while the glass sets forth an eye-catching glimmer.

Ideal for dress shirts for events or the office depending on what you prefer, a compact reminder of your loved one and their memory.

Our glass cufflinks are individually handmade and available in a range of 18 colours such as, black, blue, and ruby. 

These cufflinks would go great to wear at a wedding to enhance the formal attire and add a meaningful touch. This also allows you to bring your loved one and keep them a part of special family celebrations. 



For pet lovers we also have Paw Print Cufflinks available in a variety of shapes such as, oblong, round and square.

Your pets unique paw print is engraved into the front along with their name on the back.

For those who have more than one pet, you have the option to have one paw print on one cufflink and another paw print on the other. Made of sterling silver this is an ideal gift idea and can be worn to any occasion. 

 For example, your workplace, bringing a part of your furry best friend with you to work may make you feel good throughout the day, making a stressful day easier every time you glance at your pet's small unique paw print. 


Our Memorial Ashes Pins are another staple piece of jewellery which can be worn on any type of clothing.

The Memorial Thistle Heart Ashes Pin is handcrafted with a glass design holding a piece of your loved one’s ashes.

With the purpose of remembering your loved one as well as taking them along to make new memories, the majority of the pin is made of hallmarked sterling silver making it durable and able to withstand any weather conditions, as well as standing the test of time. The glass detail is available in a range of 18 different colours. 

Memorial pins are a great addition for events such as birthdays where you may long to feel as close as possible to your loved one. This may make you feel as though they are there with you and a part of the celebration.


Memorial earrings 

The Memorial Eternity Ashes Earrings are crafted with the ashes of your loved one using glass design, creating a beautiful shine when they catch light.

The material is available in silver, white gold and gold and glass, along with the choice of a set of 18 colours to guarantee a right fit for you.

These earrings are perfect for everyday wear and special occasions to remind you of your dearly beloved. The rounded glass dangles down to generate a beautiful graceful look completing any outfit of your choice.

You may wish to wear these earrings as part of an important event that you feel your dearly departed just can't miss out on. Having a physical reminder that your loved one is still with you can make you feel more comfortable and at ease. 



The Memorial Ashes Earrings are a subtle version of the earrings mentioned above, instead of a dangly look, these earrings have a stud for a more discreet wear.

Although these ashes earrings are a toned-down version the many filters to find you the right fit are still accessible, with the same options to choose the colour of the sterling silver as well as the glass design. 

These studded earrings are ideal for a casual everyday wear as they blend in with any outfit. You can put them on every time you feel the need to be close to your loved one and take them with you everywhere you go, as a daily reminder. 


We hope this article has been helpful to you and your decision to purchase memorial jewellery as a dedication for your loved one.

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