What are biodegradable urns made out of?

When choosing a burial urn for your dearly departed, especially when picking a biodegradable urn, you may ask yourself: what are the urns made out of?

Most of our burial urns are handmade, out of raw vegetable extracts and fibres, ensuring that the urn melds with the soil. Each of these urns comes with a biodegradable bag to store the ashes inside of, while ashes can be harmful to soil, the eco friendly makeup of our burial urns balances out the pH of the earth to allow plants to grow.

Here, we will go into more detail about other materials that we use for our biodegradable urns and help you to choose the right urn for your loved one’s ashes.

Mulberry Tree

Our majority of biodegradable urns are made out of Mulberry tree bark. Mulberry tree bark is obtained through an ancient harvesting technique. The tree continues to grow unharmed due to the method leaving no damage. This makes the paper completely biodegradable, soft to the touch and natural. 
All of our Mulberry Tree variety urns come in distinctive designs and shapes. Such as the Journey Biodegradable Water Urn. Its convenient slim envelope type of shape allows you to travel with and it can be taken on most commercial airlines as hand luggage. 
Our Journey Biodegradable Water Urn has beautifully drawn graphic flowers such as dogwood shale or lily blue. You can also choose a simpler, just as elegant cremation urn design such as embossed pearl or, aqua blossom blue.

Pictured below Journey Biodegradable Water Urn for Ashes

Image of Journey Biodegradable Water Urn for Ashes
Image of Lily Blue colour urn You can also choose our Heart Shaped Biodegradable Urn for Ashes (pictured below) for eco-friendly land burial. There are three different variations of this urn. Our pastel heart-shaped urn  is hand-painted with flowing bright colours and golden floral ornaments.

Floral white has dainty flower petals embedded throughout. The final design has a warm, woodgrain finish that seems almost golden.
Image of Heart Shaped Biodegradable Urn in colour pastel
Image of Heart Shaped Biodegradable Urn in three different colour variations

Our EarthUrn Chest (pictured below) has three different colour patterns. Every colour pattern has been skilfully embossed. The embossed black urn chest is gently carved with rose blossoms, while the brown and blue embossed burial urns have distinctive pattern designs such as a beautiful crackle glaze.

This urn can be used if you wish to bury your loved ones ashes in the ground. This urn is also suitable for transporting ashes to the desired location if you would like to scatter them.Image of EarthUrn Chest in colour Embossed Black

Image of EarthUrn chest in colour embossed blue


Natural minerals 

These types of burial urns are handcrafted using a blend of natural organic materials, which includes raw vegetable minerals and sand. When the urn is buried in the ground, the urn will slowly begin to meld with the soil, naturally releasing the nitrogen from the vegetable minerals, fertilising the soil. As it continues to dissolve and mix with the earth, your loved one’s ashes will be slowly dispersed throughout the soil.
If the urn is placed within water it will begin to dissolve over a few minutes, eventually releasing the ashes into the water. Within dry environments, these urns for ashes are robust and resistant which makes them secure when travelling.

Image of urn being placed into the soil
Image of Geos Earth Biodegradable Urn being made

Our SandSphere Biodegradable Urn (pictured below) can be used for either water or land burial. The shape of the burial urn symbolises the cyclical aspects of life. As one ends, it becomes the literal foundation of new life, taking shape and flourishing again. Image of SandSphere Biodegradable Urn

Arenae Biodegradable Water Urn (pictured below) is almost cylindrical, with small ornamentation embellishing the centre. It is composed of smaller circles, representing the cyclical structure of life. This urn for ashes is ideal for water or land burial.Image of Arenae Biodegradable Water Urn


Our Geos Earth Biodegradable Urn (pictured below) has delicate maple leaf imprints in the middle of the burial urn symbolising peaceful moments of life. This handmade sphere-shaped ashes urn is also accompanied by beautiful earthy colour tones.Image Geos Earth Biodegradable Urn Image of Geos Earth Biodegradable Urn for Ashes in packaging

Two-component materials

These urns are entirely hand-crafted to be both durable and biodegradable. To achieve this, they have been made with a two-component material that mixes natural quartz sand with mineral powder and water-based acrylic resin. This means that your loved one's ashes can be kept inside your home if you wish or be buried beneath the earth.

The Sylvan Cremation Urn for Ashes is named for its woodland features. This urn symbolises the beauty of nature with etchings of branches covering its spherical design.

Image of Sylvan Cremation Urn for Ashes on tableImage of Sylvan Cremation Urn for Ashes

The Helix Cremation Urn for Ashes is named for its unique spiral design. The helix represents your loved one's journey through their life and symbolises the number of people they have graced with their presence.
Our Helix Urn comes packaged beautifully with its very own bag to keep it safe while travelling.

Image of Helix Cremation Urn for Ashes

Image of Helix Cremation Urn for Ashes


Olive stones and plant extracts

The Eden urn is handcrafted using olive stones and bound together with plant extracts. These extracts contain phosphorus, nitrogen, and other nutrients necessary for plant growth.
This urn for ashes has a natural, olive coloured outer shell with a smooth texture and firm exterior. The aesthetic of the shell completes the Eden look, making it the perfect urn to place in a garden or wooded area.
Image of Eden Biodegradable Urn

Non-toxic biodegradable paper

We use exclusively water-soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable paper for the crafting of the Memento Urn (pictured below), making it the ideal water burial urn. This urn comes in three different colours with water-based paint and blends naturally with the water. This beautifully shaped urn won the Reddot Design Award in 2011.
This oval urn comes with twenty note cards for family and friends to write heartfelt messages. This water burial urn comes with a discreet carrying case. Notes can then be posted through the slot on the top of the urn to accompany your loved ones on their final journey.Image of Memento Biodegradable Water Urn in different colours

Image of Memento Biodegradable Water Urn in colour white

We hope that this article gave you a greater understanding of what biodegradable urns are made of, as well as helping you find the ideal urn. We would advise you to browse through our entire biodegradable collection, as each of our beautiful urns has its unique designs.

We also advise each family to take a look at our Bereavement Support guide.

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