Where to Place a Cremation Urn

Many families receive the ashes of their loved one from their funeral director in a temporary vessel and are then left with the choice on what they wish to do with them.

Before you arrive at the final decision of which urn to choose, a common first thought is usually around where the urn will be placed. This will give you an idea of what material, size or style could be suitable for you.

There are questions you might ask yourself like:

  • Do I want the urn to be placed indoors or outdoors?
  • If I choose to place the urn outdoors should it be buried or placed in a specific location?
  • Do I want to travel to another location to bury the urn?
  • Should we choose a water burial for the urn?

These are a few considerations you could take into account before choosing your urn. Thinking about these after losing your angel can be quite difficult for some. This guide has been made to help answer these questions.

Bamboo Chest Urn for Ashes on Countertop

Keeping your urn at home or in the garden

Some choose to keep their angel's ashes within a decorative urn at home, perhaps along side a photo of their loved one to create a special memorial. This allows them to keep the ashes of their angel close, providing a tangible tribute to their memory. Our Eternity Cremation Urn as seen below, is an example of an urn which can be placed within your home. It has a beautiful infinity symbol and a candlelight porch.

Eternity Cremation Urn for Ashes in Home

Cremation urns can also be placed in the garden, for example in a spot where a loved one used to sit. Our ceramic Urns are perfect for this type of memorial as they have been skilfully crafted to withstand the elements and the test of time.

Biodegradable burials

Alternatively, you may also choose a biodegradable urn. A biodegradable urn naturally decomposes within soil or water and is considered eco friendly and safe for the environment. We provide a variety of biodegradable urns which can be buried within the earth or urns that can be used for water burials. Featured below is our Himalayan Rock Salt Biodegradable Water Urn.

Himalayan Rock Salt Biodegradable Water Urn for Ashes in Water


Burying the urn at a graveyard or urn garden

Many graveyards and crematories have urn gardens. An urn garden is where a group of urns can rest within an urn grave. Urn gardens can be a peaceful resting place for urns and commemorative monuments. Some can also be used as dispersion areas. There is an advantage to this as the urn can be placed near to home, which can make visitation easier.

Keeping your urn in a columbarium

A columbarium is a wall with cavities in it, usually situated in the cemetery. It is made of stone and holds individual slots for urns.

Scattering the ashes. 

You may wish to scatter your angel's ashes in a place that brings back memories of your loved one, such as your garden, a national park, at sea or a fishing spot. We provide beautifully constructed bamboo eco-friendly scattering tubes (as seen below) which can be used to safely and securely scatter your loved ones ashes within their final resting place.

Bamboo Eco Friendly Scattering Tube Girl Holding

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