5 Pet Paw Print Necklaces for you - 2021

Our Paw Print Necklaces are the perfect memorial tribute to remember your beloved pets. They are a reminder of the good times, the adventures you shared, the muddy paw prints through the house. Pets leave paw prints on our hearts and now you can carry that with you always, with our paw print necklaces. 

These memorial pieces make a special gift idea for anyone and any occasion - Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays. Whatever the event, these are a thoughtful gift that helps celebrate the life of your beloved pet.

These pieces are handcrafted from sterling silver and stamped with your pet’s precious paw print and name. 

If you need to make an impression your pet's paw print, we have the Magic Inkless Pet Print Kit which can be added to any of your paw print necklace orders. Alternatively, you can scan or take a photo of an existing impression you have to add to your paw print necklace order.

1. Paw Print Necklace with Silver Link Chain

This is a classic looking chain with a weighty feel to it to effectively showcase your pet's paw print. This is a signature look chain which has a balance between a delicate and a bulky chain making it the perfect piece for everyday attire. 

Paw Print Necklace with Silver Link Chain Bubble Pendant


2. Paw Print Necklace with Belcher Chain

This belcher chain necklace is our chunkiest chain with a weighty feel. The sterling silver links are beautifully interlocked and finished with a toggle clasp. 

Paw Print Necklace with Belcher Chain Oval Pendant

3. Paw Print Necklace in Leather

Our leather paw print necklace is delicately braided and finished with sterling silver clasps to match the sterling silver charm pendant that holds your pet's paw print. This necklace is comfortable for everyday wear, soft against your skin, and will adapt to your body's temperature.

Paw Print Necklace in Leather

4. Paw Print Necklace with Fine Silver Link Chain

This fine silver link chain has a delicate touch, suitable for everyday wear. Ideal for those who prefer a more subtle look. 

Paw Print Necklace with Fine Silver Link Chain


5. Paw Print Necklace with Fine Belcher Chain

Our fine belcher chains are delicately connected with finished sterling silver links.

Paw Print Necklace with Fine Belcher Chain Dogtag

We already have pendants which we sell separately for those who already have a desired chain they wish to put their pet's paw print on. These include the Paw Print Pendant which comes in 6 different shapes and the Paw Print Bubble version as pictured below.

paw print pendant teardrop


Paw Print Pendant - Bubble

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we hope you have been inspired by our paw print jewellery collection.

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