What are Raku ceramic urns?

After the loss of a loved one, you may be searching for the perfect cremation urn for your cherished family member, so it is only fair that you may be researching the different types of urns available to you. In this article we will inform you of Raku ceramic urns and why someone may choose this urn.

Traditional Raku processes are used to create captivating glazing, which has bold and enticing random Raku style patterns. Raku is an ancient Japanese firing process where the cremation urns are removed from a kiln when they have reached their maximum temperature and placed in a container filled with organic materials such as leaves and straw.

With the container sealed, the heat from the urn causes the organic material to ignite, which is how the awe-enticing designs and colours are made.

Throughout the years this process and tradition has migrated to the west by Bernard Leach in the late 1920’s, then seems to have been rediscovered again by Paul Soldner in the 1960’s. The modern type of Raku ceramic urns tends to be more dramatic in appearance compared to the Eastern designs.

This is from a dramatic shift in the environment of the urn. It is taken from a hot kiln, and placed with organic materials in a sealed and rapid cooling period, to keep the designs in. 

Raku is so unique and special due to the process in which the Raku urns are created. The organic materials affect the glaze that has been applied to the cremation urn. With this, it means that each cremation urn that is created using this technique, comes as a one of a kind each time, as the design will be different on every cremation on when this process is done. 

You may choose a Raku urn for these reasons:

  • Due to tradition, this might be why you may want to choose a Raku urn, as you have ties to Japanese culture and want to honour your loved one with a Raku cremation urn that has been created using an ancient Japanese firing process.
  • Each Raku cremation urn is completely unique due to the firing process, it is hard to predict what the cremation urn will look like, which means no one will ever have a Raku cremation urn quite like yours.
  • Although the outcome of a Raku cremation urn is random, there is no doubt that the finished products are elegant and beautiful no matter what. It gives a calm and cloud-like design, which helps with its modern appearance. 
  • The urns are more versatile than a regular cremation urn, as they can have interesting, bold colours, which is unlike any other cremation urn but can also blend into any sort of décor 
firing kiln
    We hope that this article has inspired you to think about the ancient Japanese technique used to create Raku cremation urns and the beauty they with-hold. 

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