How to care for your cremation jewellery

At Urns For Angels we want your cremation jewellery to shine on for decades to come. With this, we have created this blogpost to make it aware of how to make your self fill ashes jewellery stay captivating for years to come. Take a look below to find out more. 

Our recommendations

We recommend that you only put the jewellery on in the morning and take it off in the evening, before you get into bed. You don't want to cause unnecessary damage to your jewellery, so we recommend not to wear them during activities such as cooking, swimming, bathing, sunbathing, using a sauna and doing other sports activities.

Please refrain from exposing the jewellery to hard and rough surfaces that may scratch and damage it. Make sure that you keep your jewellery in a safe place, preferably your original box that it arrived in if you can. Place your jewellery away from heavy objects, as they may cause damage to your precious memorial jewellery. 

Make sure that your necklaces and chains are closed in a flat position, suspended or wrapped around a soft object, to save it from getting tangled. 

When exposing your jewellery to oils, lotions, perfumes, detergents and to sunlight. There is a risk of unwanted damage that may occur when in contact with these harmful substances. 

Gold and silver jewellery

These materials for cremation jewellery are malleable and soft enough to be processed and shaped into our captivating designs. A patina of age and use on handmade surfaces is part of the natural beauty of a piece of gold or silver jewellery. Throughout the day, your hands are in close contact with a number of hard surfaces. As a result, the portion of the ring that faces the palm of the hand will be particularly exposed to wear

Pictured below is our Gold Plated Self-fill Ashes Pendant

gold plated self fill cremation pendant

Gemstones and pearls

Precious stones and pearls are handmade with natural products that have been sourced from the Earth. Impurities and adaptations on individual stones can occur due to this. This is not an oversight or mistake, but an exceptional attribute of a natural product. Two stones can share hues and shapes, but they will never be completely identical, making every gem completely unique and personal to you.

Precious stones are fragile and do not have the durability of diamonds. Wear on gems on the pendants or rings is to be expected. To prevent broken gems, scratched, crushed or chipped beads, the cremation jewellery should be worn with care and it is advisable to be aware of hard surfaces or objects that may come into contact with your jewellery.

Our precious stones run the risk of losing their lustre when exposed to oils, lotions, perfumes, detergents and frequent exposure to sunlight. Precious stones are fragile natural materials and can easily be scratched, unwanted damage may occur when in contact with harmful substances to your cremation jewellery. 

Pictured below is our Sky Blue Steel Self-fill Ashes Ring

steel gemstone self fill cremation ring

Our leather cremation bracelets

Our leather bracelets are handmade in Belgium with cowhide or pigskin. Since leather is a natural product, the colour of the leather can vary from bracelet to bracelet. Keep in mind that light colours are more sensitive to dirt than dark colours. The colour of the leather for our leather ashes bracelet can fade if it is exposed to direct sunlight or water. 

If your bracelet is exposed to water, it may dry out as a result. A neutral leather balm will nourish and help maintain the material. Leather bracelets that you wear daily will develop a patina and give the leather a slightly worn appearance. This is to be expected of leather, and is in fact one of the qualities of leather that brings out your bracelet's personality.

Charms can leave black marks on your leather bracelet. This is a natural reaction to the precious metal, with which the leather has come into contact with.

Pictured below is our leather Memorial Jewellery Fingerprint Bracelet

Memorial Jewellery Fingerprint Bracelet Leather

Our whole cremation jewellery section can be found on our website under Memorial Jewellery

We hope that this blog post has provided you with the information needed to take great care of your cremation jewellery that you may have purchased from us in memory of your loved one. 

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