Gold Rose Cremation Urn for Ashes

SKU: MUV 123

$383 Including VAT & Delivery

Our gold rose cremation urn for ashes is made from copper. This urn is an octagon shape painted ivory with a polished brass rose branch on the front. This copper urn also features a slim elegant golden band around the seam where the lid meets the urn.

In feng shui, the octagon protects one's being and is a shape that draws in good fortune and positive energy from all (eight) directions. In this way, the octagon has been used and revered by people as a special shape representing good fortune and eternity. In Ancient mythology the Wild Rose is a powerful symbol of love and adoration. It is strongly associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love, who is often portrayed with a crown of roses around her head.

The metal of this urn for ashes is smooth and cold to the touch, but when this urn is left on a window sill in the sun, it will gradually warm-up, giving it a comforting feeling when it is held. The smooth exterior allows you to run your fingers over the face, feeling the rose branch emblem and the shape of the urn in times of remembrance.

The lid of this urn can easily be removed to place your loved ones ashes and securely placed back on top making this urn whole again. Please see below for specifications.

  • Height (cm): 28.5
  • Width (cm): 17.5
  • Depth (cm): 17.5
  • Approx Weight (kg): 1.1
  • Material: Metal - (Copper)
  • Colour: Cream
  • Approx Capacity: 4.2 (ltr) / 256 (cu in)
  • Suitable for ashes of body weight up to 116 (kg) / 256 (lbs)
  • Suitable for: Adult
  • Indoor or Outdoor use: Both
  • Free UK Delivery: Delivered in 2 - 3 weeks (Made to order)
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