5 Impeccable Saggar Cremation Urns

When it comes to looking for a cremation urn, the options are endless. You may be looking for an urn for ashes that stands out or is highly creative, like your loved one may have been.

In this blog post, we will be showcasing some of our stunning and widely unique saggar cremation urns that we have available. 

What does saggar mean?

Saggar is known as kiln furniture. It is a piece of kiln equipment that appears as a box-like container that encloses ceramic ware whilst it is being fired. Each urn is wrapped in raw materials such as copper wire and aluminium foil, before firing to high temperatures.

The foils trap the fumes that are created and it then imprints itself onto the urn. This is why the patterns on the urns cannot be exactly replicated due to it being a random and natural process. The name is a contraction of the word ‘safeguard’. 

firing kiln

Listed below are a few of our creative and eccentric saggar cremation urns for ashes that will surely capture your interest. 

1. Driftwood Cremation Urn For Ashes

With the use of the saggar firing process, the artisan has managed to create beautiful, minimalistic natural muted colours that blend coherently together to create shades of stone, shell and pebble colours. 

The driftwood that has been carefully placed on the lid of the cremation urn has been hand selected to blend with the colours of the urn, so they go harmoniously together. With the firing process creating unique individual marks on each urn that cannot be exactly replicated, the piece of driftwood cannot be the same on each cremation urn too. 

The colours of the urn radiate shades related to the sea, the colours are muted and washed out, linking to the colours of objects found at the beach. This cremation urn could be suited to somebody who liked being at the beach or around the sea, possibly a fisherman. The colours also radiate peace and calmness in your home.  

Driftwood cremation urn for ashes

2. Lava Cremation Urn For Ashes

This adult cremation urn has energetic and boisterous hues of red and orange that spread out into areas of peach hues, followed by darker grey areas that highlight and complement the highly saturated coloured areas.  

The colours of the saggar ceramic urn symbolise the sunset and summer skies. Sunsets are mysterious and beautiful, radiating calmness and change. The colours of red symbolise love and passion, which could relate to the love you have for your dearly beloved. The colour grey is a timeless colour that represents loss, whilst being formal and sophisticated. 

This cremation urn would be ideal for home décor that is creative and modern. It may also be suitable for your loved one who was bold and daring in life and was always up for adventures.

Lava cremation urn for ashes

3. Peace Cremation Urn For Ashes

The smooth spherical shape represents a crystal ball. Crystal balls represent a sense of wholeness and karma. It might remind you of a planet, particularly Mars, due to its reddish hues and swirls of white and grey. Mars is the planet of desire and energy, which could be a suitable urn for your beloved wife or husband. 

The colour palette is serene and peaceful. It could allude to particular locations such as a sandy white beach or the white areas of the urn could showcase a snowy mountain top. This cremation urn may be suitable for an individual who liked travelling, hiking or visiting a sandy beach every now and then. 

This ceramic urn would suit classical or modern décor. 

Peace cremation urn for ashes

4. Grace Cremation Urn For Ashes

Our skilled artisans have beautifully designed this modern cremation urn to be rounded in shape, representing harmony and protection. The urn has blends of colours that range from smoky black to shades of tan. 

The colour brown is often associated with resilience and security, which could showcase how your loved one may have been strong and protective of you, possibly your father figure or husband. The swirls and blends of peach and orange represent determination and sunshine, your loved one may have been a happy and outgoing person whose smile lit up the whole room. 

This cremation urn would be a beautiful tribute to a loved one that had a modern taste and bold personality. 

Grace Cremation urn for ashes

5. Blossom Cremation Urn For Ashes 

The Blossom Cremation urn for ashes has a narrow base which widens with height, finished with a spacious top opening. The shape of the urn is new in the sense of not following the traditional shapes of cremation urns. Traditional cremation urns tend to have a narrow neck. 

This cremation urn has earthy and muted tones blended into it. The process of slow burning has created unique, spontaneous spots of darker areas which gives it personality and depth. The lid is darker in colour, creating contrast between the body of the urn and the top of the urn. 

The intricate printed ginkgo leaves give the impression that they have been fossilized into the cremation urn as the colours and details give an aged feel to it. The ginkgo leaves represent peace, hope, vitality and love.

blossom cremation urn for ashes

We hope that this article has informed you of the creative selection of some of the saggar cremation urns that we have available. You can find our whole collection of adult cremation urns, if you would like to do so on our website.

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