6 Loving Small Cremation Urns

Keepsakes are small urns designed for small pets, children or to hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes. Larger urns can be accompanied by a matching keepsake to hold a small amount of your angel’s ashes, so that you can either share your loved one’s ashes with family members or have their remains present in numerous rooms. 

At Urns for Angels, we have many small urns available in a variety of different materials, colours and designs. 

Eventide Ashes Keepsake Urn 

The Eventide Keepsake Urn has been inspired by ancient Greek aesthetic and sculpted into a rounded shape to resemble famous antiques.

The majority of this small urn is a muted orange with light touches of beige, as well as charcoal black parts, which have been spotted onto sections of the surface. The mixture of these colours works well together creating a contrast which is due to stand out in a room.

The saggar firing technique is used to create this blend, where materials are burned onto the surface of the urn which in return produces this colour mixture and pattern. This small urn can be placed in any part of your home as a special tribute to your loved one. 


Tennis Ashes Keepsake Urn

The Tennis Ashes Keepsake Urn is a model of modern art, simple yet exquisite. Made out metal, this small urn is available in three variations, one consisting of pure stainless steel, a blended variant of waxed steel and silver, as well as another blended variant of Corten steel and silver.

This small urn has been carefully designed into a base metal sheet which carries a spherical metal tennis ball on top of it.

Depending on which variation you choose, both the sheet and ball may either compliment or contrast against each other. Nevertheless, through its elegance this urn for ashes will be the vocal point of your interior design. 


Cloverleaf Heart Keepsake Urn 

The Cloverleaf Heart Keepsake Urn has been handcrafted into the loving shape of a heart. The curves on this small urn have been refined to present a softness which can be heard to create using wooden material.

A small cloverleaf has been carved into one of the top corners of the heart. The cloverleaf is known to represent good luck, fortune and hope, especially in Irish tradition.

Available in 6 different variations of wood as well as gold and silver painted options, we are confident you will find a perfect fit. This piece is truly a loving gesture for your loved one and will enhance your home décor.

Due to the natural material used, you also have the option to bury this small urn in the ground alongside your loved one’s remains. This small urn will naturally biodegrade over the course of 2-5 years.



The Passage Ashes Keepsake Urn 

The Passage Ashes Keepsake Urn has been sculpted into an oval shape which has been hallowed with a hole in the middle. This small urn has slight carvings which spiral around the hole in the middle creating the idea of a portal, which can be interpreted as your beloved passing from this world and journeying onto the next.

Made out of ceramic material, we have 10 different colour variations which you can choose from. This includes our most popular variant crackle glaze, as well as cream, glossy black, red, oily green, metallic blue, white, brown, dark sand, and beige grey. You may want to choose depending on the colour scheme already existing within your home.

This small urn also pairs beautifully with its large counterpart which is a more elaborate, extended version. This allows you to keep your angel's ashes in more than one room or to share them with family members. 


Bridge Ashes Keepsake Urn 

The Bridge Ashes Keepsake Urn has been crafted into the shape of a small cube with a bridge-like structure which wraps itself vertically around the majority of the urn.

The cube is painted a matte black colour which contrasts against the light streaky beige which makes up the bridge. The bridge acts a symbolic structural connection between you and your loved one, emphasising the unbreakable bond you share with them.

This small urn would fit into any home design complimenting and enhancing your home furniture. This keepsake also has a larger counterpart which is identical in design and colour. These can be paired within the same home or shared with other family members.

bridge cremation urn for ashes

We hope this article has been helpful by introducing you to some of our small urns for ashes and may guide you to find the ideal urn for your loving Angel.

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