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Article: 5 Candle Cremation Urns

5 candled cremation urns
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5 Candle Cremation Urns

In this article we will be discovering some of our cremation urns for ashes which have been specially designed with a space for a candle light which can be lit in times of remembrance or as a tribute to honour your angel's memory.  

Candles are often used to pay respect and remember loved ones who have passed. In religious aspects, candles are often lit as part of prayer and with the intention to pray for a loved one. Lighting a candle for those who have passed can also serve as a gift or offering as a way to honour those whom we have lost. 

 Lantern Candle Cremation Urn for Ashes

The Lantern Candle Cremation Urn for Ashes has been sculpted into the shape of a cuboid and is made out of ceramic material. This ceramic urn has been split into 2 sections, the bottom half displaying a dual painted set of colours, this being a matte black with a streaky beige. These contrast against each other to enhance the opposite colour scheme.

The ceramic urn also features a plaque with leaf engravings, adding a soft touch. The upper segment of the ceramic urn for ashes has leaf-shaped cut-outs, allowing the light from the candle to shine through and create decorative patterns on the walls around it.

The body of this adult urn may remind you of a traditional lantern, especially when the candle is lit. The flame will peak through the leaf cut outs and introduce a radiating, warm orange hue into its surrounding living space. This ceramic urn is also available as in a small urn version, to share with family or present in numerous rooms. 

5 Candle Cremation Urns Lantern

Teardrop Candle Sphere Cremation Urn for Ashes

The Teardrop Candle Sphere Cremation Urn for Ashes has been shaped into the elaborate body of two hemispheres that have been joined together. Made out of ceramic material, the bottom half is larger and a base foundation which secures the smaller hollow top half.

The top half of the ceramic urn features carved out bodies of leaves or teardrops that cover the entire surface, while the inside features a space for a candle. This candle can be lit to honour the ashes which are held inside. 

The 2 contrasting colours of black and beige are also presented next to each other in this piece, bringing out the intensity of each colour. This handcrafted urn for ashes would fit perfectly with a classic interior but also stand out with modern furniture.

5 Candle Cremation Urns Teardrop

Lira Cremation Urn for Ashes

The Lira Cremation Urn for Ashes is made out of porcelain material and comes in both a glazed and matte white colour. This large adult urn for ashes comes in a simple design and shape making it suitable for any home setting.

Its name is inspired from the Lira star constellation of the celestial north hemisphere, with a candle light placed on top of the ceramic urn you can truly see how this urn can represent the bright and pure light of shining stars.

This candle can be lit at family gatherings, celebrations and anniversaries to honour your loved one’s remains and memory. The simplicity of this large urn creates a sense of class and tranquillity and highlights the precious contents it holds within.  

5 Candle Cremation Urns Lira

 Light Cremation Urn for Ashes

The Light Cremation Urn for Ashes is made out of ceramic material and is an elegant statement piece featuring a slight crack in the middle to reveal small glimpses of the inside.

Within the ceramic urn a candle can be placed and lit, the bright orange flame from the fire will shine through the crack, exposing the warmth of the light which will spread throughout the surrounding area offering you comfort and a sense of peace.

This ceramic urn for ashes also comes in a matching set with a keepsake urn that is similar in design, allowing you to simultaneously keep a part of your beloved in numerous rooms.    

5 Candle Cremation Urns Light

Indigo Pet Ashes Urn

The Indigo Pet Ashes Urn is part of our crystalline glaze collection, made out of ceramic materials, featuring crystal-like patterns which are formed using a firing technique. It has been sculpted into the shape of a rounded small urn for ashes and is presented in a combination of various navy and royal blues.

Dark shades of blue are known to represent power and importance, attributes which you can apply to the memory of your loving pet. The glaze of the pet urn shines and reflects light, making this urn an eye-catching staple piece within your home.

The lid has been fashioned to allow a small candlelight to be placed onto it for whenever you feel like paying tribute honouring the life of your pet. The light of the flame will beautifully reflect off the glossy surface of this pet urn and spread throughout your home.

5 Candle Cremation Urns Indago

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