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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I safely move the ashes into the urn?

Your loved one’s ashes will be returned to you by your chosen crematorium or funeral director within a simple container. To safely place your ashes into your urn, you will need to place the container or bag inside the urn. You can keep the container and bag inside the urn, alternatively, you can release the ashes into the urn carefully. If you’re not confident in doing this alone, we recommend you ask a family member or friend to help you.

You can also ask the funeral director to do this for you. We can help by sending your chosen urn to your chosen crematorium or the funeral director. This way, you can request for the ashes of your loved one to be placed straight into the urn. This usually has an additional cost from the funeral director.

Where should I put the urn?

Where you decide to place the urn is a very personal choice. Some families choose to keep their urn at home and place it on top of a mantel along with photos of their loved one. Some may choose to place their urn in the garden for example where they’re loved one used to sit. Others would place their urn in a columbarium, which is a wall that holds urns and can be found in most cemeteries and funeral homes. 

Some families chose to bury their their urn in their garden, or a memorable place such as the woods or a park. Some even choose to bury their loved ones ashes at sea.

 Photographed above is our Infinity Cremation Urn in Oily Green.

Could I put personal items in the urn with my loved one’s ashes?

Many people choose to store items alongside their loved ones ashes within their urns. Some of our customers have told us that they have scattered their loved one’s ashes and now keep other personal belongings and items in their urn. 

These items could include a photograph or a lock of hair as a memento from your loved one. You should consider this whilst browsing our collection of urns as you might require a larger urn if you wish to place personal items with your loved one’s ashes.

How can I open the urn? 

Our wide collection of urns come in all sizes and shapes, this means that some will open slightly differently. How you open the urn depends on the design of the urn you have chosen. Some urns open from the top, these could either have a threaded lid or a ceramic lid. Some of our urns open from the bottom and either have a screwed lid or threaded lid with small screws to seal the base.

Should I seal the urn?

Depending on the design and material used some urns might not seal tightly. For example, due to the nature of how ceramic urns are made, the lid typically does not seal as it is not threaded so you may choose to secure the lid using an adhesive glue which we have available in our store.

What is a Keepsake urn?

Our keepsake urns are smaller sized urns which can hold a small portion of ashes within. These urns are useful for families where multiple family members wish to keep some of their loved one’s ashes in their home.

Another example how a keepsake urn can be used, is when a small portion of ashes are kept after a family chooses to scatter the rest of their loved one’s ashes. Or perhaps when one sibling purchases a large adult-sized urn for their parent and another sibling requests if they can keep a small portion of the ashes from this urn in their home as well.

Eternity Keepsake Urn for AshesPhotographed above is our Infinity Keepsake Urn and one of our Caleo Candles.

What is Memorial Jewellery?

Memorial jewellery allows family members to place a small amount of their ashes inside a piece of jewellery to keep their loved one with them at all times. We provide a unique collection of Jewellery in many different sizes, colours, shapes and designs. Our collection includes:

How do I transfer ashes into Keepsake Jewellery?

How ashes are transferred into keepsake jewellery depends on the type of jewellery chosen. We sell ashes necklaces, rings, charms, pins, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets and printed jewellery.

There are two types of jewellery where ash is contained, Jewellery where you can fill the ash in yourself into a small chamber and the other is infusing the ash directly into the jewellery (this is usually in the glass part of the piece).

We have categorised our memorial jewellery appropriately throughout the website so you can find the style and the method in which you wish to encase the ashes of your loved one which you feel is right for you.

If you wish to simply put your ashes inside your jewellery then have a browse through our self-fill ashes jewellery. If you wish to have your loved one’s ashes infused within your jewellery, then you can view our ashes infused jewellery collection.

How secure are ashes within Memorial Jewellery?

All of our self filled jewellery has a secure and tight-fitting mechanism, keeping your angel's ashes safe. For our ashes infused jewellery, your loved ones ashes become one within the glass is part of the piece, making it completely secure.

Can I use a normal urn, rather than a pet urn, for my pet’s ashes?

It is entirely up to you which urn you choose for your pet. If you browse through our collection and see a design which you like but it is categorised an adult urn, then this could also be suitable because the key difference between our pet urns and adult urns is in the size and volume. The most important thing is finding an urn that you feel is the ideal tribute to your loved one's memory.

What are the different types of urns?

Our store provides a unique collection of urns each differing in size, colour, shape and design. All of our urns are sophisticatedly designed using the highest quality materials so that they can intertwine with your home décor. 

Besides our adult urns, our collection also includes keepsake urns which are used to keep a small portion of ashes within. Each keepsake urn has a matching partner urn of a larger size. We also have pet urns which are designed as a tribute to loved pets. Our collection also includes biodegradable urns which can be used for water and earth burials. 

What are the different materials available?

There are different materials available to select from when choosing an urn. The materials used in our range of urns include ceramic, porcelain, wood, metal and biodegradableBiodegradable Urns are an eco-friendly option, which can be used for land burial and or sea burial. If you wish to learn about these different materials which are available, please see our buying guide entitled, What Materials Are Used in Cremation Urns?

How will the urn be shipped?

We carefully package your urn before sending it out. We offer free delivery on all our urns to anywhere in the UK and Ireland. We have a dedicated delivery page for more information. If you have any questions about our deliveries, please feel free to contact us via our phone line - 0161 989 7633 or on our email address,

What if I change my mind?

Some customers change their mind after making an order, we do our best to make the process of selecting an urn as simple and comfortable for you. Therefore, we ensure that the return process is the same. Please take a look at our returns page for more information or contact us via our phone line - 0161 989 7633 or email address - You can also use our LiveChat system on our site or through our contact us page.

How will the urn be packaged?

All of our urs are carefully packaged within cardboard boxes. We have urns in many different materials, so we may package them differently depending on what is the most secure option for each piece. Please see below our ceramic cremation urn packaged using little cushions to ensure it is kept safe during shipping.

Cremation Urn in Packaging

Do you have product care guide?

You can access our comprehensive product care guide right here. Additionally, we include detailed care instructions with every one of our memorials.

I’m a funeral director, do you have any trade offers?

We can offer trade pricing to organisations within the funeral business. To get started, visit our trade account sign up page, input your information into the sign up form. Once your details have been reviewed by our team, your account will be approved and you will receive a confirmation email with a link to sign in.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. You can visit our affiliate program sign-up page to get started. After you submit your details, our team will review your application. Once approved, you'll receive a confirmation email with a sign-in link to access your account.

Do you have a review website?

Your trust means the world to us, and we're proud to have earned a five-star rating on Trustpilot. Explore the stories that make Urns for Angels a trusted choice.

I would like some extra help, can you give me a hand?


Sure thing. please feel free to give our warm and knowledgeable team a call on 0161 989 7633 or drop us an email at,