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INNER COATING® with Urns For Angels

Cremation urns and the ashes, placed inside them, have a symbolic value. They mean so much and it is important to be kept safe and intact. That is why we offer INNER COATING®.


We use the highest quality ceramic for our ceramic urns. While this material is unique and distinguished, it can be fragile. Mishaps, such as dropping the urn, can lead to an unpleasant experience where cremated remains may mix with ceramic debris, posing challenges for cleaning.




INNER COATING® is a white thin rubber-like layer that acts as a protection layer for your loved one's ashes. It is applied on the inner side of the urn and its sole purpose is to hold the ashes in one place in case of a mishap.

While the inner layer provides added protection, it does not guarantee the urn's structural integrity against impacts. Sharp ceramic debris may occasionally breach the rubber layer; however, the ashes will remain securely contained in one place, ready to be transferred to a new memorial.

(Please note that INNER COATING, is now white instead of black).

How to add INNER COATING® to your urn

INNER COATING® is optional and available for most of our cremation urns and keepsakes in our store. Application requires an additional business day and the cost per size are as follows:


Adult Medium  Pet Small Mini Pet
+ £50 GBP + £50 GBP + £35 GBP + £35 GBP + £25 GBP
+ $60 USD + $60 USD + $40 USD + $40 USD + $30 USD
+ 55 EUR + 55 EUR + 39 EUR + 39 EUR + €29 EUR


You can order INNER COATING® by choosing the "YES" option on the product display page of your chosen memorial.

Additional Information

Please note that with our INNER COATING® option, the urn's original capacity can be reduced by about 5-8%, and it will also become heavier.