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Product Care Guide



Urns For Angels guarantees 2 years manufacturing and material faults on all jewellery. Errors caused by misuse are not guaranteed.

Each piece of jewellery should be treated with care. Fine jewellery is not immune to normal wear and tear, activity or damage. We offer no guarantee for damage as a result of damage, normal wear and tear, loss of the product or a part or theft.

Some examples of common problems with jewellery that are not considered manufacturing defects are:

  • Discolouration or damage to the jewellery due to exposure to chemicals, make-up, swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, baths or ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Clasps or stones loosening or falling off due to exposure to water from showering, bathing, swimming, washing up, hot tubs, saunas or ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Damage or loss of gemstones due to abrasion, impact, trauma, normal wear or other damage.
  • Damage to bracelet straps due to abrasion, exposure to water or chemicals, normal wear or other damage.

Our jewellery ashes chambers are very secure however we do recommend closing the ashes chamber permanently. This can be done by placing a very small amount of slow setting glue onto the threads of the screw mechanism when twisting it back into place. This is to prevent accidental unscrewing of the ashes chamber.

Damage to the ash chamber or loss of a cap as a result of not gluing or incorrect gluing, e.g. with a super glue, is not covered by the guarantee.

Most damages to Urns For Angels jewellery can however be repaired by Urns For Angels as part of its customer service, for a fee, depending on the damage to be repaired.

Urns For Angels recommends putting on the jewellery in the morning and taking it off at night before going to bed. Physically demanding exercises may cause unnecessary wear to a piece of jewellery. We recommend that you always remove your jewellery before doing housework, washing up, swimming, bathing, sunbathing, using a sauna or exercising.

Gemstones and pearls are natural products that have been excavated from the bowels of the earth. Imperfections and variations on individual stones may occur. This is not a fault of the stone, but an exceptional property of a natural product.

Two stones may have shades and shapes in common, but they will never be completely identical. Therefore, each piece of jewellery is completely unique. Gemstones are fragile and do not have the durability of diamonds. Wear and tear of gemstones on pendants or rings is to be expected.

To avoid broken, scratched or fractured gemstones, the jewellery should be worn with care and it is advisable not to store them on hard surfaces. Gemstones are at risk of losing their luster when exposed to oils, lotions, perfumes, detergents and frequent exposure to sunlight, etc.

Our leather bracelets are handmade in Belgium with cow or pig leather. Since leather is a natural product, the colour of the leather can vary from bracelet to bracelet.

If the bracelet is exposed to water until the leather gets damp, it can dry out. A neutral leather balm will nourish the material and help maintain it.

Leather bracelets that are used daily acquire a patina and give the leather a slightly worn appearance. These are normal signs of use.


Our Metal urns are available in Stainless Steel (and matte black stainless steel), Corten Steel, Bronze or Waxed Steel.

We care about your metal urn retaining its beauty for years to come. We have prepared care instructions so that you can look after your cremation urn to the best of your ability.

Metal is a strong and reliable material, it is the perfect material for a modern cremation urn, due to its resilience. There are plenty of different metals to choose from in our store, find out about the variety of options below.

Metal urns are durable, robust and weather resistant. It is advisable to keep your metal urn directly out of sunlight. The sun's rays may begin to warp your urn, making it important to primarily place it in shaded areas. Using a dry cloth to clean metal urns is beneficial as moisture can create rust in the future. 

Stainless steel

The Stainless steel 316 surface is relatively tough. Depending on the finish, the surface may become lightly soiled. Stainless steel is more resistant to rust due to its chemical properties. The material may become more dull over time, but it should not rust, as long as it doesn't come into contact with other steel and rust water. Make sure you clean your stainless steel urn with non-abrasive materials or cleaners.

When it comes to cleaning our stainless steel cremation urns, please make sure that you follow these simple instructions:

  • Rinse your urn with tap water to begin with to remove any abrasive particles
  • Apply soapy and lukewarm water to your stainless steel urn
  • Create a light foam on the surface with a soft brush 
  • Rinse with tap water 
  • Dry with a clean and dry microfiber cloth


This material is known to be strong and durable, as well as weather resistant. The designs of our cremation urns are created by welding and bending the bronze sheet material. When the cremation urns are finished being created, an oxidised layer is formed, creating the beautiful patina effect.

The process of maintaining the desired colour and look is relatively simple. The basic bronze cremation urns do not require a lot of upkeep as natural bronze does not decay or deteriorate over time. 

With our coloured bronze cremation urns, the process is slightly different: You have to remove dirt with a soft cloth and soapy water. Ensure that you scrub your cremation urn gently so that you do not damage the bronze layer, as it can be fragile. When the cremation urn has been placed indoors, it will only need a gentle dusting. 

Corten Steel & Waxed Steel

These metals are world renowned for their weather resistant properties. We created a layer that seals the surface against oxygen, we do this by alloying steel with copper and silicon, forming an oxide layer. This prevents rusting from appearing.

With this in mind, it originally will have a bright orange colour at the surface, when exposed to excess moisture, it will appear to change colour to dark brown. To give the guarantee that your cremation urn will not turn completely black over the years, we recommend that you keep your urn in a dry room, and away from moisture.

Corten-steel is a rolled product. In the first months of the rusting process, the rolling skin will slowly separate from the steel urn and creates a temporary peeling effect. The rusting process of Corten-steel is natural, and is the reason for why each cremation urn is slightly different in colour.

Corten steel and waxed steel can be bent and shaped to create our stunning cremation urns with unique shapes and modern designs. It is worth noting that our Corten steel and waxed steel urns are rough and coarse in texture, therefore your cremation urn must be scrubbed with dry cloth to avoid green spots appearing on your urn.

Please be mindful that the oxide skin of Corten steel can release rust water when exposed to moisture, which can stain surfaces.


There are quite a few misconceptions associated with where you should and shouldn't keep your cremation urn, and this might lead you to taking unnecessary precautions or apprehension when placing your urn outside. The do's and do not's of this are actually very simple, and this article will clarify the conditions in which your ceramic cremation urn should be kept.

When placing a ceramic Urn outside, we recommend placing it upon a platform to ensure the urn does not get submerged in water i.e puddles. If water manages to find its way through the bottom of a ceramic urn it can compromise the integrity when it freezes, Causing the urn to crack. This means that you aren't limited to placing your urn underneath a roof or shelter.