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Article: 4 Exquisitely Hand Crafted Ceramic Cremation Urns

4 exquisitely hand crafted ceramic cremation urns

4 Exquisitely Hand Crafted Ceramic Cremation Urns

Buying a cremation urn is a big part of making arrangements for your beloved, finding the right urn for ashes can be a daunting task, especially considering the wide variety of urns available. Almost every week new urns for ashes are added to our store, each with unique properties and designs, and today’s article concerns our newest range of adult cremation urns available in store.

Our newest additions are distinct ceramic urns made by European artisans, and we have handpicked 4 of our personal favourites that are truly innovative. Before we begin the list, be sure to browse through our entire Ceramic Urn Collection too.

Hemisphere Cremation Urn for Ashes

The flair of the Hemisphere Cremation Urn resembles the layers of the Earth, ultimately leading to the inner core, the Hemisphere achieves a fine balance of artistic form and function, and the result is an impeccable centrepiece for home décor and a tribute worthy of your loved one’s memory.

The Hemisphere ashes urn has disc shapes in the centre atop the lighter section, adding a hint of allure to this ceramic urn, just enough to catch the eye and compel you to observe the soft curvature , but not enough to become overbearing.

Bridge Cremation Urn for Ashes

The Bridge Cremation Urn is a wonderful art urn focused on the contrast between dark and light colours, with its singular adornment being the wood bridge-esque pattern stretching across the faces of this cubic urn. The Bridge Urn for Ashes has a modest and mature demeanour, this ceramic urn for ashes does well for a sophisticated tribute to your beloved, while matching wooden décor seamlessly.

Lantern Candle Cremation Urn for Ashes

The Lantern Candle Cremation Urn for Ashes employs a gorgeous lantern aesthetic, and the candle space atop this ceramic urn for ashes makes it a beacon in times of remembrance. It's main body is of a cream colour which exudes calming moods and feelings of relaxation. It's muted tones allow this urn to blend in with any home interior seamlessly.

Saturn Cremation Urn for Ashes

This urn for ashes is a beautiful choice for someone in your life who you viewed as your light and who was always there for you no matter what. This ceramic urn for ashes has a sleek, modern finish that seamlessly blends in with any environment. The contrast between the black and the lighter almost cream colour is further accentuated by the expert sculpting used to achieve this urn’s hemisphere shape.

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