Discover 7 Of Our Raku Cremation Urns For Ashes

When choosing a cremation urn, it is important to consider all your options, you’d be surprised by how many types and materials urns are available in. At Urns for Angels, we have a broad selection of urns, from biodegradables and metals to wooden and ceramic urns. Today we will focus on 7 of our Raku cremation urns.  

Our raku cremation urns are made of ceramic material, and then repeatedly fired using the raku firing technique. This consists of putting glazed ceramics through a firing process of around 1000c. This is done to intensify the texture and colours, creating beautiful red, orange, gold and copper tones.  

To create cooler tones the urn is cooled down in cold water to produce oxidation. The raku process can generate an array of tones and colours and also effects the texture of the material by creating a crackled look. Each of these urns are made as one of a kind and cannot be repeated to be identical. 

1) Pampas Cremation Urn for Ashes 

This Pampas cremation urn is produced using the Raku method, though the colour is kept a pure white to present a clean polished look. The shape is that of a more traditional urn with a light paisley pattern.

The capacity of this urn can hold the body weight of up to 245 lbs, making it suitable for an adult. Because of the ceramic material, you can keep this urn in the home to compliment your décor or it can even be placed outside in your garden as it is weather durable.

This graceful Japanese inspired urn is also available in a keepsake urn, so that you can have a smaller matching urn should you choose to share your loved one’s ashes. 

2) Reef Cremation Urn 

Our Reef cremation urn, produced using the raku method, is a rounded shaped urn with reef inspired designs along the circumference of the urn. The unique method used to create the patterns on this urn means that the natural reactions differ each time, making the same urn special that cannot be recreated to make an exact copy.

However, the colour, shape and sizing will remain the same. The capacity of this urn is capable of holding the body weight of up to 200 lbs, making it suitable for the size up to an adult.

This cremation urn has been created to withstand harsh weathers, making the urn suitable for outdoors as well as in the home. 

3) Azure Cremation Urn 

The Azure cremation urn has been designed to create a smaller rounded shape. The deep blue colour symbolising the waters of the ocean, has a speckled look to mimic the calm of the sea.

The raku technique also aids with the shine and gloss of the urn, creating a Lustre urn and generating an iridescent surface.

The capacity of this urn is capable to hold the body weight of up to 210 lbs, and is also suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

4) Elegance Cremation Urn 

The Elegance cremation urn possesses a similar spherical shape as to the urn discussed above. The pure and heavenly colour combined with the gloss presents an elegant look, giving this urn its name.

The cover of the urn is patterned with a white wild flower design on a dark black background, making it simple to fit in with your home décor.

The capacity of this urn is capable of holding the body weight of up to 194 lbs and can be mantelpiece in your home or garden. 

5) Vetur Cremation Urn 

This simplistic Vetur urn comes from the Nordic word for winter, in a snow-white colour with Nordic inspired engraved patterns along the top band of the urn.

The fine glaze layered onto the urn makes it ever so slightly reflective, which can be paired with a small candle light to spread an orange sun set glow throughout your home.

The capacity of this urn is designed to hold the ashes of up to 225 lbs and is suitable for the inside of the home as well as outdoors. 

6) Honey Cremation Urn 

Our Honey cremation urn is a representation of a sweet warm honeycomb, the different shades of soft brown and orange create a comforting feel. This can be a staple piece in your home as the reflective gloss is truly eye catching.

The flower imprint on the urn is added to illustrate a sunny summers day. What makes this urn for ashes unique is that it has hooks on the side which are attached to a warm red cord to compliment the other warm tones. This is so the urn can be securely picked up and moved if you wish to change your home setting.

The capacity of this urn is designed to hold the body weight of up to 200 lbs. You can choose to keep this urn in your home to bring warmth or can be placed in your garden to compliment any greenery. 

7) Picnic Cremation Urn 

Our Picnic cremation urn is crafted into a similar elongated rounded shape as the honey cremation urn. Like the urn mentioned above it also has the hooks and cord for safe transportation.

This urn is carefully hand painted and glazed to create a shiny glossy finish. Both blue and red tones are combined in the design markings alongside a China-like flower print.

The mixed colour palette gives the illusion of a colourful sunset as you would experience in a late picnic. The capacity of this urn has been designed to hold the body weight of up to 200 lbs and is perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. 

We hope this list of Raku cremation urns has been informative and helpful to you. 

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