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Article: 10 Stunning Dog Cremation Urns

10 Stunning Dog Cremation Urns

10 Stunning Dog Cremation Urns

Your pet dog is part of the family, when they pass over to the other side it can be a hard and painful situation to go through as they can be a big part of your family setting. In this blog we will show you the best of our urns suited to honour your furry family member. 

The Dog Cremation Urn could be used to commemorate a dog breed with a protruding stout, for example dog breeds such as a German Shepard, Golden Retriever or Jack Russel.

This urn shows a dog protruding its nose and paw from under a blanket in a picture frame. It could be used as a reminder of your dog's personality. They could have enjoyed laying under a blanket with you and having cuddles. It could symbolise you framing that memory of them in your mind and in your home for generations to come.

This is an exclusive urn to our store that will compliment your house décor beautifully, whilst also being a conversation starter, receiving lots of attention. This urn comes in a various amount of 9 colours, from crackle glaze to oily green.
Dog Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Heart Cremation Urn for Dogs comes with the option of having different finishes, for example the paw print can be silver, gold or plain wood. There are three size choices, for big, medium or small dogs, It also has the option of changing the kind of wood material used, from either Swiss Pine wood or Lime Wood.

The love heart shape symbolises the love you have for your pet dog. While the paw print on the heart urn symbolises the impact that your four legged family member had in your life and family.

This urn has an elegant and passionate design that can be stored in the home or due it being biodegradable, can be used for a land burial ceremony. The urn when buried into the ground, will naturally start to meld into the earth after 2-5 years.
Heart Cremation Urns for Ashes - Dog Size

Our SandSphere Biodegradable Urn For Pet Ashes- Small Has been handcrafted by using a blend of natural organic materials, such as raw vegetable minerals and sand, this urn is biodegradable and eco friendly. It can be used for a water or land burial. 

The paw prints imprinted around the centre of the urn symbolises your dog's imprint in your life, how they always will be remembered by you and your family. The paw prints circle around the whole stomach of the urn, also symbolising your eternal love you have for your four legged family member.

When burying this biodegradable urn, it will slowly meld with the soil, fertilising the earth around it when the vegetable minerals release nitrogen from the urn. This will continue over a period of time until the urn and your pet's ashes have been dispersed throughout the soil. If you decide to have a water burial, once the urn is placed into a body of water, it will begin to dissolve, releasing your beloved pet's ashes into the waterSandSphere Biodegradable Urns for Ashes - Dog

The Embark Round Biodegradable Urn - Small is designed for smaller dog breeds and is entirely made from soluble salt. The urn can be dispersed into a body of water as salt will not interfere with the aquatic life.

The paw prints debossed into the urn leave a reminder of how your dog was pure and loving towards you and your family. Their presence has been embossed into your life, where it will stay in your heart.

To disperse your dog's ashes into a body of water, simply submerge the cremation urn into a sea, river or lake and watch on as the urn starts to dissolve in the water.Embark Water Urns for Ashes

The Classic Ashes Urn For Pets - Small was designed to hold a small amount of pet ashes. The cremation urn for pets has been designed and handcrafted with a brush slate finish and nickel-silver pawprints cascading around the centre of the urn.

This symbolises your family pet's bright and positive impact in your lives with their bubbly personality and lust for treats and your cuddles. The brass is cool, soothing your skin as you hold it. This might help to ground you in hard times and help you remember your love for your furry family member.

This urn is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it can stand proudly in your garden or home. With a strong and secure tightly threaded lid that can keep moisture out.Classic pet ashes urns for ashes

 The Indoor Tree Urn For Pets Ashes for your dog can be a great way to keep your beloved furry family member close by in the home. The urn comes with planting instructions to guide you on how to plant the indoor tree or a plant of your choice within the cremation urn. There is also 10 various types of trees to choose from to plant with your pet cremation urn.

A ceramic lid is also included to go on top of the urn and complete the elegant look that it radiates. It has been created from smooth porcelain and a choice of various colours to suit your home décor or maybe to match your dog's fur colour of loving personality.

The colours available are beige, blue and white. With a holding weight of 3.60 litres of ashes, this ceramic cremation urn is more suitable for a larger dog breed.
 Indoor Tree Urns for Ashes Pets

Our Paw Print Cremation Urn for Pets Ashes have been delicately designed to hold the precious ashes of your loving Dog. The paw in this urn is a daily reminder of your pet's sentimental signature. There is also space for a small candlelight, which you can place behind the urn so the flame is visible through the print - adding a warm and comforting element to this piece as it creates a small shrine.

The Paw Print urn is also suitable for outdoor use as it is fired at over 1000℃, enabling a resistance to atmospheric influences. Paw Print Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Heart Shaped Biodegradable Urn can be used temporarily before having a biodegradable land burial. When the time comes that you are ready to have a land burial ceremony for your beloved pet, you can bury the pet cremation urn into the ground and allow the urn to meld with the soil and disintegrate over time.

This biodegradable urn has been created using materials obtained from a Mulberry tree. The gathering method leaves the tree intact and safe to continue growing. There are 3 variations of designs with this urn, floral white, pastel and wood grain. Each design can be suitable for your taste in décor or resemble to your pet's personality. 

This urn is also available as a bigger size, specifically a medium size, suitable to a medium sized dog. The image below shows the Medium sized Heart Shaped Cremation urn in comparison to the small urn.Love Heart Shaped Biodegradable Urns for Ashes - Pet

 The Lotus Cremation Urn For Ashes symbolises your four legged friends presence thriving eternally almost like a lotus flower. It symbolises enlightenment and purity. The highly intricate design astonishes all that view the urn.

It has an elegant and eye capturing design that would stand bold and proud in your home or garden. There are 8 variations of colours and materials to choose from with this cremation urn. For example there are the options of Corten Steel, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Matte Black Stainless Steel, Waxed Steel for material choice and Brown, Black, Silver and Green as colour choices. 

It is worth noting that only certain materials from this design can be stored outside and inside due to their resistance of atmospheric influences. This includes Stainless Steel, Matte Black Stainless Steel and Bronze materials.Lotus Cremation Urns for Ashes

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