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Article: 4 Blue Self Fill Ashes Bracelets - 2021

4 Blue Self Fill Ashes Bracelets - 2021

4 Blue Self Fill Ashes Bracelets - 2021

Our memorial jewellery range can be worn as a part of your every day attire, formal or casual, or for special occasions. Self-fill ashes jewellery allows our loved one's to join us on our journey through life giving us the sense that they are always there with us.

In this article we have selected a few examples of our blue coloured pieces. The colour blue represents calm, trust, and intelligence. It can be a cool and relaxing colour. Light blue is peaceful, whilst dark blue can signify depth and power. Whether your loved one was calm or whether they were confident, we have the shade of blue which will resonate with their personality, bringing that special touch to your memorial jewellery. Blue is a very versatile colour, which can be paired with any ensemble.

Corded Ashes Bracelet

This beautifully woven corded bracelet is a high quality and stylish piece. It is inspired by naval rope originating from the nautical industry. This particular piece pictured below is our Denim Blue variant. It can be styled with any of your favourite denim jeans or it can fit nicely with a formal suit or dress for special occasions. The ash container is 11mm in size and is made from 316 stainless steel, which can hold a small portion of your loved one’s ashes within it. The bracelet also has a clasp closure meaning that it won't be able to slip off of your wrist.

Corded Ashes Bracelet - Black Edition

Now our self-fill ashes corded bracelets come in a black edition giving a sleeker feel to the piece.

Leather Ashes Gold Charm Bracelet


Our leather ashes bracelets are made from high-quality leather making them strong and durable against the test of time. The leather is soft, making it comfortable to wear. There are four separate wraps of 1.5mm leather cords and the leather of this ashes bracelets can adapt to your body’s temperature, ensuring that everyday comfort.

The gold charm that hangs from the bracelet, holding your loved one's ashes, is shaped like a teardrop or a raindrop. The droplet shape represents the result from a tug-of-war between the surface tension of the water and the pressure of the air pushing against the bottom of the drop as it falls. It is a connection between two sides; a reflection of the connection between you and your angel.

Leather Ashes Steel Charm Bracelet

Our self-fill ashes leather bracelet is also available with a steel charm option. The silver hue representing the moon, whilst gold represents the sun. Individuals may feel a stronger association with a silver tone than a gold tone, or vice versa.

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