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Article: 5 Beige Cremation Urns for Ashes

5 Beige Cremation Urns for Ashes

5 Beige Cremation Urns for Ashes

Our collection of beige cremation urns are available in different materials such as ceramic, biodegradable and wood. Also, they are created using different methods and techniques to generate a selection of finishes such as crystalline glaze and varnished. A beige urn for ashes is subtle and can be fitted into any home décor, without disrupting the colour scheme you may already have set up at home.

Aragonite Cremation Urn for Ashes  

The Aragonite Cremation Urn for Ashes is an urn which has been crafted using a firing technique which creates a crystalline glaze across the cremation urn. Named after the Aragonite mineral which represents understanding, truth and an unclouded perception, these qualities can be linked to your beloved’s personality reminding you of their character and keeping their memory alive.

This urn for ashes consists of a combination of burnt red and beige hues to emphasise the outlines of the crystal patterns. A candle light can also be set on the lid of this urn as a way to pay tribute to your loved one held inside, the light from the flame can complement the colour palette of the urn spreading a warm orange/beige colour throughout the room it sits in.

Cat Cremation Urn for Pets Ashes

The Cat Cremation Urn for Pets' Ashes is a ceramic urn which has been carved to detail after the imagery of a cat. The face of the cat urn has been vaguely sculpted so it can be linked to the likeness of any cat breed - whether that is a Persian cat or a British shorthair, this way you don’t need to worry about whether this urn will represent your specific cat and its breed.

The surface of the urn gives off a shine which is almost reflective and has a smooth to the touch texture. Available in multiple colours, the beige colour gives the urn a modern and stylish look. The opening to the urn is at the base which comes with a secure lid so the design of the cat urn is not disturbed.

Journey Biodegradable Water Urn for Ashes

The Journey Biodegradable Water Urn for Ashes is made of eco-friendly materials such as water-soluble paper to protect the earth's natural environments when used for a water burial. The bark used to make this urn comes from a Mulberry tree using a harvesting technique which does not harm the tree, and allows it to continue to grow and flourish.

The pillow-like shape of this urn for ashes, allows it to gently float on top of water until it slowly submerges, releasing your loved one’s ashes into the water. With a wide selection on colours and patterns we provide a beige option which will stand out against the blue-green colour of water, allowing you to watch the urn until it disperses.

Ripples Cremation Urn for Ashes

The Ripples Cremation Urn for Ashes is another example of our ceramic collection. The soft swirls on the top of the urn were inspired by the ideals of balance, tranquillity and transformation. More than an urn, this piece represents modern contemporary art which would fit well into any type of home décor.

This urn is suitable for the ashes of an adult, however this urn also has a keepsake counterpart which can come in a matching set. This allows you to share your beloved’s ashes or choose to have their remains present in multiple rooms. There’s both a beige and beige grey option in the colour selection to accommodate to the specific needs and requirements of individuals who wish to match this urn with the rest of their furniture.

Portal Palette Biodegradable Urn for Ashes Range

Our Portal Palette Biodegradable Urns for ashes are some of our eco-friendly cremation urns which is suitable for land burial as it is made from entirely natural substances which will bring no harm to the environment. The smaller counter part to this urn is our Portal Palette Candle Ashes Keepsake Urn, which is also available to purchase on our website.

Our Portal Palette cremation urn for ashes has gained its named from the vertical band down the centre which resembles a doorway or window to an other-worldly dimension, essentially a portal. The urn is smooth to the touch with a modern aura about its design, with the ability to bring some contemporary art into a home as well as something very unique.

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