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Article: 5 Blue Pet Cremation Urns

5 Blue Pet Cremation Urns

5 Blue Pet Cremation Urns

At Urns for Angels, we pride ourselves in our vast collection of cremation urns, we have a set of different materials, shapes, sizes and colours available for every angel, including our beloved pets.

To keep our pets close to our hearts we have created various pet cremation urns, fitting for the ashes of your four-legged friend to remember and honour the lives they have shared with us. We have a selection of blue pet urns that have been specifically designed for the ashes of pets, giving you the choice to choose the best fit for you and your dear companion.

Indoor Tree Urn for Pets Ashes

The Indoor Tree Urn for Pets Ashes is an opportunity for you to keep your pet’s ashes close to home, while allowing you to grow their ashes into a thriving, living houseplant. On the inside you'll find a special compartment to hold your loved one’s ashes with a growing system of interlocking ring trays to help with the planting process. You can choose any sampling of your liking and add it to the inside. The base of the urn has been created using porcelain and is available in 3 colours such as, beige, blue and white.

The baby blue is a soft shade which symbolises calmness, peacefulness and trustworthiness, qualities which can be applied to your pet, while also providing you with the comfort that they are now resting and at peace. If you would like you can even choose to place the plant in your garden, which you can transform into a memorial.

Indigo Pet Ashes Urn

The Indigo Pet Ashes Urn is part of our crystalline glaze collection, made out of ceramic materials, featuring crystal-like patterns which are formed using a firing technique. It has been sculpted into the shape of a small rounded urn for ashes and is presented in a combination of various navy and royal blues. Dark shades of blue are known to represent power and importance, attributes which you can apply to the memory of your loving pet.

The glaze of the urn shines and reflects light, making this urn an eye-catching staple piece within your home. The lid has been fashioned to allow a small candlelight to be placed onto it for whenever you feel like honouring the life of your pet.

Dog Cremation Urn

The Dog Cremation Urn is a special tribute in regards to giving your best friend the recognition they so truly deserve. This urn for ashes has been sculpted out of ceramic material, that has been modelled into a rectangular picture frame.

It consists of a dog's nose and paw emerging from underneath a blanket, a reminder of the mischievous and jolly personality of your dog. This pet urn has been designed this way, so no distinctive characteristics are visible, this way the urn can accommodate to all different types of dog breeds. Available in a rich metallic blue colour, which features a slight gloss from any light which reflects off the urn, this is a worthy vessel for the remains of your dog.

Cat Cremation Urn

The Cat Cremation Urn is specifically designed for your feline companion and has been handcrafted to embody the sleepy stance of a resting housecat. Made out of ceramic material, the detailed design, from the pointed ears to the rounded back is a representation of your cat, regardless of breed. The facial features have been softly carved to not show any distinctive traits to embrace inclusiveness of every cat.

Available in various different colours, the metallic blue can be fitted into any type of décor and would stand out against softer colours such as creams. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors there is no doubt you will find the perfect placement for this memorial urn.

Christ Ashes Keepsake Urn

The Christ Ashes Keepsake Urn has been formed into the body of a flower, the carves show off individual pedals displaying the form of a blooming rose. Made out of ceramic material, the top of this urn has been created to accommodate a candlelight which can be lit in times of remembrance. As this is a keepsake urn it has the capacity to hold the ashes of a small pet such as a small dog.

Available in a beautiful dark blue which will reflect the orange hues of the candle placed on top, this keepsake urn will spread warmth into whichever room it is placed in, spreading the memory of the ashes held within.

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