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Article: 5 Green Cremation Urns for Pet Ashes

5 Green Cremation Urns for Pet Ashes

5 Green Cremation Urns for Pet Ashes

In this article we have picked out some of our beautiful cremation urns for ashes specifically designed for your pet's ashes. These are for those whose loved one's favourite colour was green, the colour of their eyes were green, or even perhaps to just blend well with your home interior.

Holding onto our beloved furry friends ashes is becoming increasingly popular. They are a true member of the family who deserve to be given an honourable send off and a dignified resting place. To read more about the cremation of pet ashes you can read our article on The Rising Popularity of Pet Cremations.

1. Seraphinite Pet Ashes Urn

This cremation urn for pet ashes is one of our crystalline glazed ceramic pieces which are completely unique and can't ever be truly replicated, making this a one of a kind piece. 

This urn is an array of green hues including cool mint green and peaceful olive green. This is a quirky urn, different to traditional styles, making it the perfect tribute to someone who had a one of kind character.

 Seraphinite Pet Ashes Urn

2. Drop Cremation Urn for Pet Ashes - Green Bronze

This urn has been specially designed to resemble a rain water droplet. Droplets are often used as symbolism for many forms in nature, with a wide curvature towards the base of the shape formed by the cooperation of forces. 

The green hues of this piece reflects the shades of the green sea and the rippling waters. Our Green Bronze variant of this urn is suitable for outdoor use due to its resistance to environmental influences, making this the perfect urn to place upon your dog's favourite digging spot.
Drop Cremation Urn for Pet Ashes Green Bronze Green Cremation Urns

3. The Christ Ashes Keepsake Urn for Pet Ashes - Dark Green

This sturdy ceramic urn is a deep, dark, green colour which resembles the darker tones from the vast rainforest.

This urn for pet ashes has been handcrafted with attention to fine detail, representing the layers and blooming petals of a flower. Within this exquisite formation, a tealight candle is held. This can be seen as to symbolise the eternal flame of the human soul.

This is another one of our urns that is resistant to atmospheric influence, meaning it is suitable to be placed in the outdoors.

 The Christ Ashes Keepsake Urn for Pet Ashes Dark Green

4. Dog Cremation Urn for Pet Ashes - Oily Green

Our Dog Cremation Urn is delicately designed to keep the ashes of your dearly departed pet safe. This particular variant of our Dog Urn has a smooth and polished texture due to its formation of high-quality ceramic materials, whilst possessing rustic darker tones which really add to the character of this urn. 

The beauty of this urn is that the paw and nose features likeness can be compared to any breed of dog, big or small, Labrador or Chihuahua. This is a sentimental final resting place for all dog breeds as your pooch snuggles behind folds of a blanket. Due to its frame-shape, this urn doesn't resemble a traditional urn, making it the ideal piece of décor to compliment your home interior.

Dog Cremation Urn for Pet Ashes Oily Green

5. Cat Cremation Urn for Pet Ashes - Oily Green

Our Cat Cremation Urn for Pet Ashes is another one of our ceramic urns which is made from the highest-quality materials. Like the dog urn, this cat urn for ashes has an elegant shape which can match the appearance of your beloved cat, no matter what breed. 

This delicately crafted cat urn combines several styles of art. As you hold the urn, the softer curves smoothly glide across your hands, while the finer details and etchings on the face inspire you to hold your beloved pet close.

This finely struck balance creates a perfect piece of decoration to embellish your home, while retaining its purpose as a thoughtful tribute to your beloved pet.

Cat Cremation Urn for Pet Ashes - Oily Green 

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