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Article: 5 Sleek Modern Urns for Ashes to have in your home

5 Sleek Modern Urns for Ashes to have in your home

5 Sleek Modern Urns for Ashes to have in your home

We have a wide range of different styles of urns for ashes available here at Urns For Angels.

We take pride in appreciating and admiring an array of different designs created by artisans all around the globe. As we collaborate with more and more skilled creators who delicately handcraft their masterpieces, we are given the opportunity to offer our families the perfect urn for inside their home. 

We care about helping you and your family to find the cremation urn for ashes that resonates with your loved one, acting as a dignified tribute to their memory. Whether it be a metal urn, a wooden urn, a ceramic urn, a porcelain urn, or a biodegradable urn, we are sure to have something that will help you celebrate the life of your angel. 

In this article we will be showcasing some of our modernised urns which are of a sleek and contemporary design which can fit seamlessly into your home décor or act as stand alone piece which is sure to attract anybody's eye. 

  1. Lira Cremation Urn For Ashes

Our Lira Cremation Urn for Ashes is a tall ceramic urn with soft curves and is topped with a place for a tealight candle.

Lighting the memorial candle creates a visual sensation of peace and tranquillity, to be lit in times of remembrance.

Lira or "Lyra" is a constellation of the celestial north hemisphere, representing an area of ​​bright patterns in the Earth's night sky.

  1. Flame Cremation Urn for Ashes

Our metal Flame Cremation Urn for Ashes is named after its curved shape which resembles a flame. It represents the fire inside your departed angel which will always be lit and shining brightly. 

This is a very modernised piece with an option for stainless steel exterior which is pictured below, and does not resemble a traditional style of urn. 

This cremation urn for ashes comes in a number of variants: Stainless Steel, Bronze, Matte Black Stainless Steel, Corten Steel, and Waxed Steel. One of which is sure to match the colour scheme of your home interior. 

  1. Indoor Tree Urn for Ashes

This urn for ashes offers a nurturing resting place for your angel's ashes to be kept within your home. It is a unique way to return your loved one to nature and grow a beautiful houseplant at the same time. 

This urn has been crafted using porcelain and is available in three colours: beige, blue, and white. It has a polished and shiny exterior which is an eye-catching piece, with a modern and simplistic touch. 

Any houseplant you wish to place inside this urn can be used, perhaps they had a favourite plant that would be the perfect tribute for them to become. 

  1. Infinite Embrace Cremation Urn for Ashes

This piece is beautifully carved from Iroko and Ashwood which is then finished with a polish sheen. It is designed by skilled artisans in Italy who have mastered the wooden craft.

It's design is based upon our philosophy that Love is Eternal. A contrasting wooden banded ribbon is wrapped around the urn, symbolising a warm embrace that can never be forgotten. 

  1. Moonstone Cremation Urn for Ashes - Medium

This crystalline cremation urn for ashes is a unique piece with it's magnificently grown crystals upon its surface which can never be truly replicated again, making this a signature one of a kind piece. 

It has a pearly white iridescent finish with a tinge of blue hues which are intertwined throughout the face of the piece. The glossy crystals create a texture that resembles the craters of the moons surface, adhering to the name of this urn. 

This is a beautiful tribute to anyone who was into astronomy, or perhaps being reminded of the moon upon your gaze of this urn, you feel comfort in knowing your loved one is up there shining brightly among the stars.

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