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Article: 5 Stunning Adult Crystalline Urns

5 Stunning Adult Crystalline Urns

5 Stunning Adult Crystalline Urns

In this blog we will be showcasing 5 of our new stunning Crystalline Cremation Urns that we have available from our collection. These brilliant and unique urns are highly captivating and created in a way that no urn is ever exactly alike. Have a look below to find out more. 

How are Crystalline Glaze Urns Created?

These crystalline glaze urns have been assembled on a potter’s wheel and fired in an electric kiln at very high temperatures of around 1280°C for several hours. Once a liquid matrix is formed from the molten glaze, the kiln is then cooled to the temperature at which the crystals will grow, which is usually around 1050 - 1150°C. The crystals take around 3-5 hours to grow.

When the crystals get colder, they acquire their final appearance and will not change. The modifications of the appearance of the crystals are a result of the specific chemical compositions of the glaze. The crystal formers are Zinc Oxide and Silica which integrate to create Zinc Silicate. The shape of the crystals formed on the cremation urn also differ depending on the various temperatures.

A unique ring must be made for each piece as well as a plate to catch the glaze that runs off, in order to protect the shelves of the kiln. This must then be removed and the bottom is grinded to make it smooth. 

Ultimately, each crystalline piece is gracefully handcrafted, creating unique and original designs which are one of a kind and impossible to replicate. As the pieces are created on a pottery wheel, the size and measurements won’t be exact.

Amazonite Cremation Urn

Pictured below is our Amazonite Cremation Urn, with its smooth spherical shape symbolising a sense of wholeness, completion, and karma. It may remind you of the moon and its craters, oranges or water droplets, all natural shapes found in nature which are formed through gravity and force. 

This Cremation urn has a stunning colour palette of sea greens with crystals which resemble droplets of the water or bubbles. The sea green colours represent calmness and clarity. These adult urns would be suitable to blend into a household that has modern décor. 

 Benitoite Cremation Urn

Our Benitoite Cremation Urn reminds us of all things oceanic. This ceramic urn is a delightful, dashing, cobalt blue gradient which is darkest at the bottom and lightest at the top much like the ocean is. Vertical striped patterns can be seen around the base of the urn which favour the sunlight soaring down through the deep ocean waters. Small crystals resembling tiny bubbles bring the whole look together to give off tranquil sea waters.

The deep blue colours symbolise depth & stability while the lighter hues resemble tranquillity and understanding, which could make this urn suitable for your loved one if they were peaceful and compassionate. 

Chalcedony Cremation Urn

Our Chalcedony Cremation Urn has a glossy spherical shape representing wholeness and completion. This urn is pale white with light blue hues which exude a calming and peaceful environment. 

The crystals on these cremation urns for ashes are slightly darker blues, resembling water droplets which ripple, symbolising the everlasting effect that your loved one has on your life. This ceramic urn would be suitable to be homed in a modern and contemporary setting.

Jadeite Cremation Urn

Our Jadeite Cremation Urn is another prepossessing ceramic urn in our crystalline collection. Unlike some of the other adult urns in this collection, this particular urn is completely covered in crystal formations. The base colour of this piece appears to be hundreds and thousands of tiny crystal formations giving a delightful carbonated effect. 

In addition, this cremation urn has a placid sea green colour and Nymphaea water lily-like structures which symbolise wellness, hope and celebration. It may remind you of other sea themes such as coral.

This is a truly iridescent piece which can fit beautifully into any home décor whilst still being striking to any viewer's eye. It may also be suitable for a loved one who had green as a favourite colour. 

Carnelian Cremation Urn

Our Carnelian Cremation Urn has a rosy pink coloured base bearing a resemblance to the colour that is cast upon the clouds of the sky during dawn or sunset. Rose gold amplifies the spiritual energies of both the moon and the sun which are said to have healing powers.

The defined crystal shapes and patterns upon this ceramic urn promote positive energy and spirituality. Our Carnelian urn for ashes may also remind you of cherry blossoms, symbolic of renewal and the fleeting nature of life, or snow, symbolising purity and frozen feelings.

This urn may be suitable for a loved one that had an interest in spirituality and healing energies.

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