5 Urns with Religious Imagery

Religion often comes into play when it comes to making the most important decisions in life, as well as the most important occasions such as, weddings, christenings and also when it comes to funerals and finding a final resting place for our loved ones. It provides us with comfort to believe that our dearly departed angels have perhaps moved on to a better place and are looking down at us from a heavenly utopia up above.

In this article we will be discovering cremation urns that carry specific religious imagery, this is perfect for those who had strong religious beliefs in life but is also ideal for those who want to lay their loved one’s ashes to rest in an urn which represents love, forgiveness and holiness.

Guardian Angel Cremation Urn for Ashes

First on our list is the Guardian Angel Cremation Urn which has been carefully sculpted into the figure of an angel with detailed wings, symbolising the idea of an angelic guardian that is protecting the precious contents which it holds inside. In religion, a guardian angel is assigned to offer guidance and protection for a particular person, in this case this could be directed towards the remains of your loved one.

Made out of ceramic material and available in 9 different colours, we are confident you will find a fit for you and your angel. This urn for ashes also comes with a matching keepsake urn which design allows for a candlelight that can be lit in times of remembrance, as well as special occasions.

The Christ Cremation Urn for Ashes

The second on our list is the Christ Cremation Urn, perhaps the most notorious holy symbol in religion as the son of God. Christ signifies godliness, while also representing the best in men with characteristics, which include divine goodness, forgiveness, kindness, respect and mercifulness.

These are all attributes we hope our loved one’s will be met with when it comes to the hour of judgement. This urn for ashes has been modelled into the image of Christ, with detailed yet soft carvings to create the familiar persona.

Made out of ceramic material this urn is available in 9 different colours and also comes with a matching keepsake urn, which has a compartment for a candle which you can light to pay respect and honour your loved one.

The Holy Mother Cremation Urn for Ashes

Third on our list is the Holy Mother Cremation Urn, another prominent image in religion. The holy mother represents the mother of Christ, as well as being the symbol for purity, motherly love and compassion.

The Holy Mary, is the woman who taught us that there is no greater love than the love a mother has for her child, this is the kind of love we hope our beloved will be met with when they move on from this world to find heavenly peace.

This urn for ashes has been sculpted after Mary’s image including detailed and soft carvings. Made out of ceramic material this urn for ashes is available in 9 different colours and also comes with a matching keepsake urn. A gentle floral candle which can be lit to ease times of hardship and pay tribute to your dearly departed.

Freedom Cross Cremation Urn for Ashes

Next on our list is our Freedom Cross Cremation Urn, it is made out of lime wood and also offers the option to have it combined with gold paint, or real gold leaf. Gold is often linked to religion as it is associated to Christmas, the birth of Christ and a symbol of Christ's kingship on earth.

This wooden urn has been handcrafted to show a detailed cross, with 2 olive branches which surround it. The holy cross is a universal symbol of Christ and his victory over death, as well as his sacrifice and his prayers for human kind’s salvation.

The image of the olive branch is also known to represent perpetual peace. This makes this urn ideal for those who have religious beliefs and want to apply them to their loved one’s remains, as well as their soul.

Angel Wings Cremation Urn for Ashes

Last on our list is the Angel Wings Cremation Urn, portraying the idea of an angel which in religion, represent holy spiritual beings which can intermediate between God and men. Due to this, this urn can signify a bridge between heaven and earth which your loved one has to cross to eternally rest in peace. Symbolising love, trust, faith and devotion this urn for ashes is truly a worthy resting place for your angel, it has been sculpted to show the back of 2 large wings resting on its back.

Made out of ceramic material and available in 10 different colours there is no doubt you will find the perfect fit for your dearly departed. This urn also comes with a matching keepsake urn which is a smaller model with 2 wings, which spread so that you can simultaneously place your loved one’s ashes in numerous rooms.