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Article: 7 Modern Metal Urns of 2021

7 Modern Metal Urns of 2021

7 Modern Metal Urns of 2021

Our premium metal urns have received a lot of love since their addition to our collection of designer urns for ashes, and we would like to showcase the 7 most modern, innovative metal urns of 2021.

Our metal urn collection primarily makes use of Stainless Steel, both in its silvery theme and a sleek matte black, Corten steel and Waxed steel, bringing forth a beautiful industrial aesthetic, and Bronze. Our Bronze urns are available in Green Bronze and Brown Bronze, creating an almost regal aesthetic.

Voyage Cremation Urn

The first entry in our list, the Voyage cremation urn depicts the sails of a vessel catching wind, embarking on a journey. This urn for ashes is available in each of our metal choices, giving you plenty of versatility, and matching your home decor beautifully.

Pyramid Cremation Urn

Our Pyramid cremation urn takes direct inspiration from the immense pyramids created throughout the ages, becoming the pinnacle of architecture and grand design of civilisations.

Equilibrium Cremation Urn

The Equilibrium cremation urn takes its name from the perfect state of balance between two opposing forces, with a thicker base, the top part of this urn reaches perfect equilibrium, allowing for a steel ball to balance in the middle of this gorgeous urn.

Eternal Companion Cremation Urn

The Eternal is our Companion cremation urn entry for this list, this metal urn makes beautiful use of a fine balance between Matte Black and the Silvery tone of Stainless steel, within the theme of an eternity symbol.

Oval Cremation Urn

The Oval Cremation urn has received much love, its curves are soft on the eyes and the patterns displayed in the centre of the piece truly speak for themselves. Hearts, a cute bear, butterflies, or a tree; pick out the one that would match your beloved best for this wonderful tribute.

Floral Cremation Urn

Another metal urn showcasing beautiful design and etching, the Floral cremation urn gives you the choice of style, between a Lily, Bulb, or Rose. This is a great piece to match with real flora as part of a small, personal memorial display towards your beloved.

Lotus Cremation Urn

The Lotus Cremation Urn is truly breathtaking, going beyond the basic functionality of a cremation urn, it becomes a focal point within your home, this urn combines precision throughout its design with inspiring symbolism, while also adding a hint of eloquence and tranquillity.

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