Memorial Jewellery: What Type is Best For Me?

What types of Memorial Jewellery are there?

We have a wide variety of memorial jewellery available on the Urns For Angels online store. We provide a unique collection of Jewellery in many different sizes, colours, shapes and designs. Each piece is beautifully designed for you to wear and to keep your loved one close to you at all times.

What is Self-fill Jewellery?

Our self-fill jewellery has a small and secure container that can hold your loved one's ashes. Self-fill jewellery is becoming more popular as it allows you to return your loved one’s ashes back into an urn. For example, meaning that you can have the choice to transfer your loved ones freely at any time. 

Our store has a variety of self-fill jewellery bracelets. Some of these are made from high-quality naval cord, others are made with leather. A great example would be the Men's Braided Leather Ashes Bracelet. This bracelet has a modern and rugged look making it suitable for casual or formal attire. See below for an image of this.
Our collection of self-fill jewellery is not just limited to bracelets of course, we have a wide variety of pendants, necklaces, and rings that may pique your interests too.