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Article: 10 Cremation Urns that don't look like Urns

10 cremation urns that dont look like urns

10 Cremation Urns that don't look like Urns

We have created this article to show you that cremation urns don't have to look like standard urns for ashes. They can come in all shapes and sizes, as well as materials. There is plenty of choice in our online shop for anyone's taste. 

The Eagle Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Eagle Cremation Urn for Ashes Range stands tall and majestic with an elegantly detailed eagle sitting proudly in the centre of an American flag, emanating an aura of pride and honour, making this a beautiful and thoughtful urn for your loved one. The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolises the strength and freedom of America.

The symbol of the eagle is one of freedom and strength, often being associated with patriotic views making the flag a fitting addition to this piece.

The Motorcycle Helmet Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Motorcycle Helmet Cremation Urn for Ashes has been beautifully handcrafted using the finest wood and has been sculpted to resemble a motorcycle helmet.

If your loved one found joy in riding their Motorcycle down quiet country lanes or through scenic routes, then this urn can represent something they had love and passion for during their lifetime.

The Christ Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Christ Cremation Urn For Ashes showcases a sculpture of Jesus Christ, it symbolises self-renunciation and humility.  This urn would be suitable for those who come from a religious background and feel at peace when they turn to their faith when they are going through tough times. Having a statue of Jesus close by reminds some people to focus their mind on prayer and worship in hard times. 

This urn is available in 9 colours: Crackle Glaze, Cream, Dark Green, Glossy Black, Light Sand, Matte White, Metallic Blue, Oily Brown and White. With a large variety of colours to choose from, you can have a religious statement piece to fit any type of décor and colour theme. 

This cremation urn for ashes is suitable to be placed indoors or outdoors in your garden. Due to its material properties, it is resistant to atmospheric influences and can withstand the test of time. 

The Pinnacle Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Pinnacle Cremation Urn For Ashes combines modern art with symbolism. The geometric shape would keep visitors far from guessing that it is a cremation urn for your loved one. 

There is a candle situated at the top of this geometrically shaped urn, which adds a pleasant and unique touch.

This cremation urn is solid and cold to the touch, creating a grounding effect when holding the urn close to your heart. It has a smooth and sleek surface that reflects light perfectly. 

This urn could be suitable for a loved one who had a taste in modern art, perhaps an interest in geometric shapes. 

The Flamma Recycled Glass Urns for Ashes

The Flamma Recycled Glass Urn For Ashes definitely doesn't stand as the typical urn for ashes. It has been created from recycled glass. The body of the glass urn is opaque and dark in colour, while the top of the urn is translucent and has a tinted green colour. It also comes with a virgin beeswax candle, which sits at the top of the urn and can be lit in times of remembrance for your loved one. 

The green colour of the rim on the cremation urn for ashes symbolises hope and rebirth, while also linking to nature. This urn could be a good choice for someone who likes the outdoors and being one with nature or possibly someone who likes contemporary designs that are eco-friendly. 

Virgin beeswax candles emit the brightest and most beautiful warm-toned flames. They also last longer due to how dense they are, which means it melts slower and has less drips of wax. When this candle does eventually run out, you can place your own candle in the top of the cremation urn, giving it your own personal touch, possibly with a candle that your loved one liked the colour or scent of. 

The Football Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Football Cremation Urn For Ashes is unique and beautifully crafted to appeal to football lovers. This is a good choice of cremation urn for someone who has a passion for sports, especially football. 

This cremation urn is modern and sleek in stature. It has a reflective surface that mirrors its surroundings and reflects light into the room. The spherical shape signifies totality and wholeness with perfection.

The patches on the football shape are in a mosaic pattern, mosaic is a symbol of life. It showcases the multiple patterns and paths in which we live and take in life. It is not a typical urn design, it is very contemporary.

The Eternal Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Eternal Cremation Urn For Ashes symbolises eternity, which is a contemporary take on the infinity symbol. It symbolises your loved one's memory lasting forever. This has been created with a mix of two metals: Stainless Steel and Matte Black Stainless Steel, which gives the urn a modern look, suitable for those with a taste in modern art and décor. 

The smooth curved lines in this cremation urn symbolise safety and familiarity, linking to your loved one, they might have been your safe haven in life and they brought you comfort and protection. The combination of the matte black and silver colour together show contrast of the bright and dark times that you went through together with your loved one. 

This is a cremation urn that can be placed indoors or outdoors due to the metals used having resistance to atmospheric influences, so it can be a beautiful talking point in your home or in your garden. 

The Diamond Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Diamond Cremation Urn For Ashes, There is the option to have this stunning cremation urn in a glazed or matte finish. The urn comes with a high quality storage bag to keep the cremation urn protected if you don't want it put out into your home on display.

Diamonds are associated with strength and love. This embodies your love for your family member being indestructible. They are also one of the strongest substances known to man, showcasing that you and your cherished one are strong in spirit and knowing that they love you will give you the strength to get through the tough times that may come ahead. 

You can see that it doesn't appear as the typical cremation urn, its shape is unique and contrasting compared to the stereotypical 'vase-like' urns. It has a modern aura surrounding it, making it undetectable as being a cremation urn. 

The bold white colour of the cremation urn makes a stunning addition to anyone's home décor, white is a colour that can be paired with any aesthetic, to stand out or blend in.

The Infinity Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Infinity Cremation Urn For Ashes come in three different variations of designs: Lime Wood, Lime Wood painted with real gold leaf and Swiss Pine Wood. The shape of the urn has been designed to be a continuous loop, with no beginning and no end, symbolising your eternal love for your cherished one. 

The Swiss Pine wood is soft and velvety against the skin, creating a relaxing ambience in times of remembrance when you pick the urn up or place your hand on it when thinking of your loved one. Lime wood is soft and crisp in touch.

Due to this urn being biodegradable and eco-friendly, it can be placed in the home or buried into the ground to be dispersed in roughly 2-5 years. Which is a good option for a cremation urn if you or your loved one cared about the earth and being eco-friendly. 

The Boot Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Boot Cremation Urn for Ashes has been skilfully handcrafted by Italian artisans. This wooden urn has been designed to resemble a boot, with fine attention to detail including the grooves and carvings of the laces and the boot sole giving it a unique and realistic finish.

The Boot Urn can represent travelling which relates to the journeys we all take in life and the endurance we need to keep pushing through. This could be a lovely piece to rest the treasured ashes of your loved one.

Whilst this wooden urn was designed to be within your home, it can also be buried in the ground - as this type of wood will naturally decompose between 2 - 5 years and your loved one's ashes will be released into the earth.

We hope that this article has informed you of the wide selection of cremation urns that don't look like urns that we have available. You can find our whole collection of cremation urns here in our store.

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