3 Modernist Metal Cremation Urns for Ashes

Here at Urns For Angels we collaborate with skilled artisans from all over the world who are masters in their trade, ranging from unique ceramists to careful carpenters. As we discover new creators, we are given the opportunity to offer our families an even wider variety of cremation urns for ashes and memorial jewellery for ashes. 

In this blog, we have showcased some of our new designer metal urns. Our Stainless Steel variants exude modern energy whilst our Waxed and Corten Steel variants have a more rustic and earthy feel to them.

1. Cylinder Cremation Urn for Ashes Range

This cremation urn for ashes is a smooth cylindrical shape, the perfect geometry to compliment any modern interior. It has two circular faces which are amongst the oldest geometric symbols, symbolising unity, wholeness, and infinity. The two circular faces of this cremation urn are connected by a cylinder vessel which holds the ashes of your dearly departed. It's infinite curvilinear surface is symbolic of the eternal love you have for your angel. 

Pictured below is our Stainless Steel Variant.

cylinder cremation urn for ashes


2. Cube Cremation Urn for Ashes Range - Companion

This cuboidal companion urn for ashes is designed to hold the ashes of two inseparable partners in life. The cube shape represents stability and strength, symbolising the companions eternal bond. This cremation urn evokes cohesion and tranquillity, calmness and serenity. 

The simplicity to this urn's perfect geometric cohesion allows the seamless fitting into any setting, bringing a contemporary feel to any home décor. 

The Corten and Waxed Steel variants naturally embody an industrial aesthetic whereas the Stainless Steel variants exude modernism. 

cube cremation urn for ashes

Pictured below is our Waxed Steel variant.

3. Oval Cremation Urn for Ashes Range - Companion

Our Oval Companion Urn for ashes has the perfect blend of minimalism and celebration incorporated. The basis of this urn has soft spoken curvatures which arch together, symbolising the eternal bridge between 2 beloved angels. An intricate display fills the oval, whether it takes the form of a teddy bear, a love heart, or something different is entirely up to you. 

This magnificent art urn is a sure-fire way to catch the eye of any guests.

Pictured below is our Corten Steel Variant.

oval cremation urn for ashes with hearts


We hope this article has given you some insight into the range of urns we have available to keep the memory your dearly departed alive.

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