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Article: 5 Beige Keepsake Urns for Ashes

5 Beige Keepsake Urns for Ashes

5 Beige Keepsake Urns for Ashes

In this article we will be showcasing to you our beautiful beige keepsake urns for ashes that we have available in our store. We have a wide array of beige keepsakes to choose from, so you will be sure to find one suitable to honour your loved one’s memory. Take a look below to find out more.

The colour beige is known to be soothing, calm and relaxing. This colour brings warmth to its surroundings, creating a sense of peace. It is a colour that evokes a sense of reliability and strength, being a dependable colour.

This choice of colour for a keepsake urn may be suitable to honour a loved one who was your rock and brought you feelings of security and comfort. 

 Urite Ashes Keepsake

Our Urite Ashes Keepsake has a base colour of muted pink and blends of beige hues, which gives it a dreamy and distinctive visual appearance. The muted pink hues radiate emotions of grace and sweetness, with blended feelings of joy.

We believe that this keepsake urn would be a magnificent tribute to a loved one who was always full of happiness and brightened everyone’s day when they were around. 

This crystalline glaze keepsake urn has been formed on a potter’s wheel and fired in an electric kiln at very high temperatures of around 1280°C for several hours. Once a liquid matrix is formed from the molten glaze, the kiln is then cooled to the temperature at which the crystals will grow and begin to decorate the keepsake urn, which is usually around 1050 - 1150°C. The crystals take around 3-5 hours to grow.

When the crystals on the keepsake urns for ashes cool down, they obtain their final appearance and will not change again. The modifications of the appearance of the crystals are a result of the specific chemical compositions of the glaze.

The crystal formers are Zinc Oxide and Silica which combine to create Zinc Silicate. The shape of the crystals formed on the keepsake cremation urn also differ depending on the various temperatures that the keepsake urn experiences in this process. 

A unique ring must be made for each piece as well as a plate to catch the glaze that runs off, in order to protect the shelves of the kiln. This must then be removed and the bottom is grinded to make it smooth. 

Ultimately, each crystalline piece is delicately handcrafted, creating unique and original designs which are one of a kind and impossible to replicate. As the pieces are created on a pottery wheel, the size and measurements won’t be exact. 

This keepsake urn has a beautiful final touch as the lid is manually trimmed with a place to set and light a small remembrance candle, the perfect way to honour the life of a loved one.

5 Beige Keepsake Urns for Ashes Urtite cremation urns for ashes 

Infinity Ashes Keepsake Urn

Our Infinity Ashes Keepsake Urn has been handcrafted with the base idea of everlasting remembrance to be always in your mind. The meaningful unique crafted infinity symbol curves and sways effortlessly through the main face of the keepsake urn. This creative piece showcases how your memories you have shared with your loved one will be remembered forever. 

The Infinity Ashes Keepsake has been handcrafted from the highest quality of ceramics, to ensure the best for our customers. It is worth noting that this beautiful piece is available in a wide variety of colours, which include Beige Grey, Black, Crackle Glaze, Cream, Dark Sand, Green, Metallic Blue, Oily Green & White. 

With the keepsake urn being small enough to hold in your hands, it can be used in times of thought and remembrance when thinking of the great and cherished moments between yourself and your loved one.

You may even place the urn on your lap, to have the feeling of them being close to you. This keepsake urn has a sleek and modern design to it, making it blend in and compliment your home décor. 

This ceramic urn comes with a cap which ensures that your loved one’s ashes stay firmly inside the urn by fitting tightly on the bottom of this piece. This urn can also be used to hold your pet's ashes, due to its small size. 

The Infinity Keepsake Urn is also available as a full sized urn, which can be bought together to compliment the beauty of each other. We recommend that you seal this keepsake urn with an adhesive glue that is suitable for ceramic surfaces. Due to this piece being made from ceramic, you may place this urn indoors or outdoors as a garden urn. 

5 Beige Keepsake Urns for Ashes infinity

 Guardian Angel Ashes Keepsake Urn

Our Guardian Angel Ashes Keepsake Urn has been specifically designed to hold a small portion of your loved one’s ashes. This modern and creative urn can be a perfect fit for any sort of décor in your household. 

On the front face of this keepsake urn are curved and sleek cascading lines, which appear as a close up visual expression of an angel wing. The wing takes form in a circular shape that surrounds the candlelight porch, where a tealight can be placed.

The round and curved body of the urn symbolises eternity, the love you have for your angel will be around always, with them as your guardian angel forever by your side. 

A lit tealight candle creates a flame that dances inside the keepsake urn, creating a radiating glow which symbolises the presence of a deep meaningful love that will never fade between yourself and your family member. 

This keepsake urn is available in ten colours. The colours include Beige Grey, White, Cream, Grey, Oily Green, Light Sand, Dark Beige, Crackle Glaze & Black. On our website there is a full sized urn counterpart of this keepsake, which can be found in store or purchased together. This piece comes with a tealight candle, which compliments this elegant look. 

We recommend that you use an adhesive glue which is suitable to use on ceramic surfaces. This urn has resistance to atmospheric influences, meaning that this keepsake urn may be placed outdoors, to become a garden urn for ashes. 

Guardian keepsake and adult urns for ashes 

Ripples Ashes Keepsake

Our Ripples Ashes Keepsake represents the waves and destinations of life. As the waves ripple, they wash away the sorrows of hard times and create new beginnings, which symbolises your loved one passing on to the afterlife.  

This meditative keepsake urn can fit in the palm of your hand, making it perfect to use in times of remembrance and loving thoughts regarding your family member.

This piece can be used to share your loved one’s ashes with other family members or you may even use the keepsake to store smaller amounts of your angel’s ashes in other rooms in your home. Due to the size of this urn, it may also be used for the use of holding a small pet’s ashes. 

The Ripples Keepsake urn is available in 11 different colours, they colours include Oily Brown, Beige Grey, Black, Crackle Glaze, Cream, Dark Beige, Glossy Black, Green, Grey, Metallic Blue & Oily Green. 

At the base of the keepsake urn is a lid which is used to tightly seal and keep your loved one’s ashes in place. We do also recommend that you use an adhesive glue to seal this urn but make sure that it is suitable for ceramic surfaces. 

Pebble keepsake urns for ashes

 The Passage Ashes Keepsake Urn

Our The Passage Ashes Keepsake Urn is a smaller version of the adult sized Passage Cremation Urn. This creative urn is circular in shape, with fine flowing lines that gently wrap and cascade around the urn, showcasing the passage of time. 

The smaller size of this keepsake makes it possible for you to have multiple memorial areas to share portions of your loved one’s ashes with your family members, while also retaining the same creative beauty of the larger Passage Urn. 

This keepsake urn can be used to hold their pets ashes to it being smaller in capacity. At the bottom of the base is where the lid is located, to safely store the ashes of your loved one.

We do recommend that you use an adhesive glue to make sure the ashes stay firmly in place. Make sure that the adhesive glue that you use is suitable for ceramic surfaces.

This urn has resistance to atmospheric influences, allowing you to place the keepsake urn in your home or as a garden urn, where you can possibly create a garden memorial for your loved one. 

This urn comes in a variety of 8 colours. The colours include Beige Grey, Crackle Glaze, Cream, Dark Sand, Glossy Black, Oily Brown, Red and White.

5 Beige Keepsake Urns for Ashes Passage


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