How to Grow a Tree from Your Loved One's Ashes

Planting a memorial tree and using a loved one's ashes to fuel the growth of new life is a very meaningful way to honour the life they once lived. Your angel will aid a seed or sapling on it's journey to becoming a fully fledged tree or plant by providing nutrients to the surrounding soil. 

We have created this quick how to guide to help you create the perfect dignified tribute for your dearly departed angel. 

1. Research

We recommend doing your research to find the right urn and plant for you. You may opt for an indoor plant if you do not own a garden or cannot find the right place near to your home where you would want to keep the tree. 

We have our Indoor Tree Urn for Ashes Range which is suitable for human and pet ashes, providing a unique way to grow a houseplant. This urn comes with a smooth porcelain plot available in three colours: beige, blue, and white. Inside the urn you will find the compartment for holding your loved one's ashes and a special growing system consisting of interlocking ring trays.

indoor tree urn in blue with Hawaiian umbrella tree


Alternatively, you may want to plant your tree outside. This method may require a bit more research surrounding the climatic conditions of your area and what kind of plants grow best. 

Furthermore, some species of plants require more care than others. For example, some plants may need more specific soil types and watering needs whereas others could thrive with no outside help. This is definitely something to think about if you have a track record for killing your plants.

hands holding young sapling

2. Prep the urn

When prepping the urn, make sure you remove any wrapping, packaging, or other non-biodegradable materials off before the urn is buried so no harm comes to the environment. 

With our Biodegradable Tree Urn for Ashes, aged wood chips and RootProtect® Proprietary Ash Neutralising Agent are included to maximise the growth of a young tree.

biodegradable tree urn for ashes


3. Planting the urn

First, your loved one's ashes are transferred to the urn and then the bag of RootProtect is emptied on top. A young tree must then be lowered into the urn and soil is used to fill in the remaining space around the roots, filling the urn and the planting hole.

Apply a thick layer of mulch on the surface of the soil that surrounds the tree and water the tree on a regular basis to aid the growth of your beautiful living memorial.

The urn will also come with detailed and easy to follow instructions on exactly how to prepare and plant your memorial tree.

outdoor tree with bench under

We hope this guide has helped you understand a bit more about growing trees from cremated remains. 

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