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Article: 4 Fantastic Black Friday Keepsake Urn Gifts For your Family

4 Fantastic Black Friday Keepsake Urn Gifts For your Family

4 Fantastic Black Friday Keepsake Urn Gifts For your Family

Black Friday and Christmas are a time of celebration and gifting, and if you've bought one of our cremation urns, you may be interested in sharing some of the ashes of your loved one with family and close ones, allowing them to keep your beloved close, celebrating their lives. This can be done with a keepsake urn, a small vessel used for holding a portion of your beloved's ashes.

The first thought that may come to you is to find a matching keepsake urn for the cremation urn you currently have, this may be the perfect answer for you.

This might not always be the case, however, as there might not be a matching keepsake for the large urn you bought. The keepsake might not fit the décor of the person you're looking to buy a gift for either, and as such, might not be the right fit.

This article will cover the second case, showcasing some of our beautiful, independent keepsake urns. Be sure to browse through the entire collection or read our Matching Keepsake urns article if you'd like to see more of our keepsake urns.

Mosaic Ribbon Candle Ashes Keepsake Urn Range

This mini candle urn features space for a small tea light candle on top as well as a surrounding mosaic grey pattern. This urn can be placed anywhere within the home perhaps in a location that family and friends can retreat to in times of remembrance.

Brass Shell Keepsake Urn

The Brass shell has a truly fantastic, elaborate design. This small keepsake urn also comes with a classy, stylish box ready to be gifted, it also looks brilliant on display.

Hexagon Candle Miniature Keepsake Urn

The metal keepsake urn addition to our list is a beautiful modern candle keepsake with a hexagonal shape, holding a small portion of your beloved's ashes while also being the perfect centrepiece of a small memorial display.

Elegance Rose Cross Candle Ashes Keepsake Urn Range

This Ashes Keepsake features a delicate rose and cross themed decoration. Symbolising the love between you and your loved one. These designs are depicted in gold to represent the richness of your loved ones life.

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