All-Black Masculine Ashes Bracelets

Our black edition of ashes bracelets for men has been created to add a masculine touch to memorial jewellery. They have been crafted to fit formal and casual attire; the black edition goes hand in hand with any colour and can be worn for either special occasions or for every day. 

1) Braided Leather Ashes Bracelet for Men - Black Edition 

The Braided Leather Ashes Bracelet for Men Black Edition, has been made after the original silver edition.

The ashes chamber, which is still made from stainless steel, is coated in black to accommodate more to men. It has a magnetic enclosure which keeps the container secure and is made to hold a small portion of your loved one’s ashes.

The Belgian braided leather, which is also available in black also comes in a brown and cognac colour should you wish not to have the entire bracelet in one colour.  



2) Braided Stainless Steel Ashes Bracelet for Men – Black Edition 

The Braided Stainless Steel Ashes Bracelet for Men Black Edition is similar to the first bracelet discussed, the main difference being the braided band is made entirely out of stainless steel instead of leather.

The high-quality stainless steel gives this piece a stylish and modern look, as well as being very durable and long lasting. Enhancing any attire, it is a staple piece which can complete any look while remaining subtle.

This memorial bracelet also has an ashes chamber made of stainless steel which is coated in black. However, the braided stainless steel is available in silver as well as the signature black to offer an alternative in colour. 



3) Corded Ashes Bracelet for Men – Black Edition 

The Corded Ashes Bracelet for Men Black Edition is made out of 2 sturdy woven cords which are soft to the touch.

Perfect for both formal and casual attire this memorial bracelet is suitable to be worn on a daily occasion, allowing you to keep your loved one with you at all times.

The woven cord can be purchased in the same black as the ashes chamber or you can choose from a selection of 6 other colours such as, brown, navy, gold, denim blue, garnet red and red.

The stainless-steel ashes chamber comes in black and is hypoallergenic meaning it will not irritate the skin when the ashes bracelet is worn. 



4) Leather Ashes Bracelet for Men – Black Edition 

The Leather Ashes Bracelet for Men Black Edition like the other bracelet comes with the same black 11mm stainless steel ash chamber, keeping your loved one’s remains safe and secure.

The band is made from a smooth Belgian leather, which will slowly develop wear as it ages as it adjusts to your skin. Accessible in the signature black as well as a brown and cognac colour, we have an option suited for everybody’s needs.

Ideal as a special gift, whether that’s to yourself or a father/brother or friend. All these ashes bracelets are available in sizes small to extra-large. 


We hope this article has informed you on our black edition ashes bracelets collection and has possibly inspired you to wear memorial jewellery as a daily reminder of your loved one’s memory. 

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