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Article: Beautiful Ashes Jewellery for Women

Beautiful Ashes Jewellery for Women

Beautiful Ashes Jewellery for Women

We are honoured to introduce you to our ashes jewellery range for women. In this collection, you will find elegant and vibrant women's memorial jewellery that are unique keepsakes. It is becoming more popular for women to wear these endearing ashes jewellery pieces.

We have a beautiful memorial to honour your dearly departed with our self-fill jewellery for ashes. This memorial jewellery range can hold a small portion of ashes in the chamber so you can always be with your loved one.

The picture below of Gold Plated Self-fill Ashes Pendant in Peach

Gold Gemstone Self-Fill Pendant

Our first piece in this collection is the Leather Ashes Gold Charm Bracelet, featuring 24 Carat Gold and high-quality leather cords. Made from 316 stainless steel, the container is tear-shaped with a delicate look and a shiny finish, giving it a stylish, yet personal touch.

Due to its magnificent appearance, this memorial jewellery for ashes looks good with any outfit. It is available in 11 elegant colours: Blue, Cognac, Grey, Jade, Navy, Oyster, Pink, Red, Silver, White and Yellow.

This memorial bracelet is also available in a different style, with the teardrop-shaped ashes chamber of 11mm in stainless steel and a silver colour.

The Leather Ashes Steel Charm Bracelet (pictured below) provides exceptional comfort due to its elasticity and ability to adjust to your body temperature. A powerful 4 mm magnet secures it and makes wearing it extremely easy. The available colours for this model are Black, Bronze, Cognac, Grey, Jade, Navy, Oyster, Pearl, Pink, Red and Yellow.

Charm self fill ashes bracelet

This 24-carat Gold Plated Self-fill Ashes Pendant elegantly combines vintage and modern design. Every gemstone has its meaning, offering unique symbolism depending on which one you choose. A gold chain is included with each pendant.

Your pendant can be filled with the ashes of your loved one by twisting the top until the ashes chamber is revealed. Place a small amount of the loved ones ashes inside and screw the pendant back together.

This golden necklace for ashes comes in unique colours such as purple, teal, peach, forest green, sunrise orange. You can wear this beautiful necklace for ashes at work or even when running errands.    

Pictured below is the Gold Plated Self-fill Ashes Pendant 

Gold Plated Self-fill Ashes Necklace

As a memorial to your loved one, the Gold Plated Self-fill Ashes Ring is a beautiful option. With their elegant shape and simple design, these ashes rings will effortlessly complement any outfit whether it is a formal or casual occasion. With gemstones, every piece conveys a distinct meaning.

A stainless steel core is handwoven into each ashes ring, which is plated in hard gold. The ashes ring comes in various colour gemstones such as peach, sunrise orange, teal and more.  

The picture below shows our Gold Plated Self-fill Ashes Rings .

gold plated rings

Also, we suggest taking a look at our Steel Self-fill Ashes Necklace. These beautiful necklaces for ashes are made to blend seamlessly into any look, whether it's casual or formal. A sleek 45cm steel chain completes the contemporary look of this ashes pendant. 

On special occasions at work or when with friends, you can wear this stylish pendant for ashes. This memorial necklace comes in colours such as ocean blue, beige, jade green, garnet red, sky blue.

 With the stainless Steel Self-fill Ashes Ring you can choose from a variety of gemstones. As a result of its simple design, this piece pairs well with casual attire or a more formal appearance. The rings for ashes come in various gemstone colours, such as beige, purple, black starry night, caramel brown.

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