20 Modern Urns For Ashes

With a wide variety of urns available to you to place your loved one, it could be worth knowing that there are different categories of urns to compliment your home. This article can be of help to inform you of twenty of our stunning modern urns.

Modern Ceramic Urns

1) The Pinnacle Cremation Urn

This urn was designed to embody modern art with symbolism. It has a geometric shape, completing its modern art aesthetic. To add ambience and a warmth to your angel's resting place, this urn has a candle placed at the very top, allowing your cherished one to shine forever.

Pictured below is the Pinnacle Cremation Urn.

Modern Pinnacle Cremation Urn Ceramic

2) The Eternity Cremation Urn 

This charming urn has been designed to have an eternity symbol delicately carved into this piece, to encompass your eternal love for your angel. It shows that their memories will be everlasting to you.

The candle signifies your loved one's energy and warmth, that will remain with you forever. With this urn's graceful design, it would make a great piece to fit into anyone's modern décor.

Pictured below is the Eternity Cremation Urn. 

Modern Ceramic Eternity Cremation Urn

You can also find a keepsake version of the Eternity Cremation Urn here. This urn is for smaller amount of ashes.

Pictured below is the Eternity Ashes Keepsake Urn.

Modern Eternity Ashes Keepsake Urn

3) The Guardian Cremation Urn

This heavenly looking urn has a pure and minimalistic approach to it. It appears as an angel, with big beautiful wings. This could be exemplified as being your loved one or possibly an angel watching over you for protection.

Ceramic urns have a robust design and resistance to atmospheric influences. Therefore, placing your cherished one in your garden is also an option if you would prefer to do so. 

Pictured below is the Guardian Cremation Urn. 

Modern Ceramic Guardian Cremation Urn

4) The Angel Wings Cremation Urn

This alluring urn is crafted to look like angel wings are wrapped around it. You could suggest that the wings caressing the urn could symbolise your loved one's arms embracing you with their eternal love. It implies a feeling of purity and grace. This could add a feature of undying love to anyone's modern décor. 

Pictured below is the Angel Wings Cremation Urn.

Modern Ceramic Angel Wings Cremation Urn

5) The Passage Cremation Urn

This appealing urn has been made with the thought of passing over from this world to the outer world. The candle placement in the middle of the urn creates a warm ambience with a natural vignette framing to catch anyone's eyes. The spiralled direction of the urn resembles the passage of time. This would make a great addition to anyone's modern décor. 

Pictured below is the Passage Cremation Urn.

Modern Ceramic Passage Cremation Urn

6) The Light Cremation Urn

This urn is truly a modern masterpiece. With a candle placed in the interior of the urn, it radiates the warmth of your angel once it has been lit. With the texture and placement of the urn, It epitomises your arms embracing the warmth and light of your cherished one, making it a statement piece to add to any home. 

There is a smaller keepsake version of the Light Cremation Urn available here

Pictured below is the Light Cremation Urn. 

Modern Light Cremation Urn Ceramic

 7) The Stone Cremation Urn

This beautiful urn has been designed with a minimalistic and modern approach. Being available in many different colours makes it a brilliant way to commemorate your loved one. The variety of colours can be used to convey your emotions and to reflect on the associations to your cherished one. This urn is small and soft to the touch, you could even hold your angel in times of thought and reflection. 

Pictured below is the Stone Cremation Urn. 

Modern Stone Cremation Urn Ceramic

The Stone Cremation Urn is also available as a smaller keepsake version, which is available here.

Pictured below is the Stone Cremation Keepsake Urn.

Modern Stone Cremation Urn Keepsake Ceramic

8) The Ripples Cremation Urn

This urn is an abstract piece, inspired by the idea of transformation, balance and tranquillity. The top of the urn has a rippled water droplet effect, this embodies the ripples your loved one has created in your life, as you remember and reflect on all the goodness your angel put into your world. This urn would make a great statement piece to any household. 
Pictured below is the Ripples Cremation Urn. 
Modern Ripples Cremation Urn Ceramic

The whole collection of Ceramic Cremation Urns can be found here

Modern Porcelain Urns

9) The Diamond Cremation Urn

This beautiful Diamond Cremation Urn has a captivating design, suitable to stand out in a modern display setting. It signifies the strength of love towards your angel.

Diamonds are created within intense conditions, showing how hard times can help create a beautiful moment. The white colour symbolises purity. This could be a good addition to a modern household with the interest of block colours. 

Pictured below is the Diamond Cremation Urn.

Modern Porcelain Diamond Cremation Urn
Modern Diamond Cremation Urn Porcelain
This arresting urn was designed with the lotus flower plant in mind. The details on the neck of the urn showcase it's similarities to the lotus flower, appearing as petals but in more of a geometric shape, to give it a modern appearance.

The blooming pattern extends, developing as it travels down the neck of this urn. This beautiful art urn symbolises your loved one's purity reaching deep down. 
Pictured below is the Blossom Lotus Cremation Urn.
Modern Porcelain Blossom Lotus Cremation Urn
Modern Porcelain Blossom Lotus Cremation Urn
Lira is a constellation of the celestial northern hemisphere, showcasing bright and almost otherworldly patterns in the Earth's night sky. A tea light candle can be placed into the top of the urn, to create a relaxing ambience suitable for times of deep contemplation and tranquillity.
This urn has a great modern look, which can be placed anywhere in the house. It has the option of a matte or glazed finish to appease to any of your already standing modern décor. 
Pictured below is the Lira Cremation Urn.
Modern Porcelain Lira Cremation Urn
Modern Porcelain Lira Cremation Urn
The Porcelain Nephesh Urn has a unique shape, almost similar to that of a lamp shade, showcasing a modern shape. This could symbolise how your loved one created so much light in your life. With this urn, it is a tasteful way to commemorate your loved one and maintain their memory within it. 
Pictured below is the Nephesh Cremation Urn.
Moden Nephesh Cremation Urn Porcelain
Modern Porcelain Nephesh Cremation Urn

Saudade links to the meaning of nostalgia you get from missing a loved one. It describes both the happy and sad times that you may recall. It embodies a resemblance to water droplets, used to flourish and bloom your seed of appreciation and admiration of your angel, like water would nourish a plant.

Pictured below is the Saudade Cremation Urn.

Modern Saudade Cremation Urn Porcelain

Modern Saudade Cremation Porcelain Urn

You can find the whole of our Porcelain Cremation Urns here

Modern Biodegradable Urns

14) The Sylvan Cremation Urn

This urn has beguiling etches of branches and twigs carved into the outside of the spherical shape. This urn has been created with natural quartz sand, mineral powder and water based acrylic resin.

Therefore, it is biodegradable but also durable. This is a modern design to keep in your house, or bury in soil for your angel to become one with nature. This could be great for a loved one that enjoyed being outdoors.  

Pictured below is the Sylvan Cremation Urn.

Modern Sylvan Cremation Urn Biodegradable

Modern Sylvan Cremation Urn Biodegradable

15) Biodegradable Tree Urn

This urn can be used for a modern and naturistic angel. This method of burial has become more prevalent in recent times, planting your beloved's ashes into the soil and waiting for the memory tree to blossom to life. Once you have planted this urn with a sapling or seed, the bamboo shell can be kept as a keepsake. It is a beautiful way to commemorate your angel's life. 

Pictured below is the Biodegradable Tree Urn


Modern Biodegradable Tree Urn

16) The Eco Water Biodegradable Urn

This prepossessing Eco Water Urn is a great modern way to commemorate a loved one who may have had an interest in the outdoors, open water or nature swimming.

Once placing the urn containing your angel's ashes into the water, in roughly ten minutes it will submerge and allow it to release your cherished one into the flowing waves. It is a graceful way of departing with them to be with nature. The bamboo shell can be kept as a keepsake, or buried in land, as it is also biodegradable.

Pictured below is the Eco Water Biodegradable Urn. 

Modern Eco Water Biodegradable Urn
Modern Eco Water Biodegradable Urn
With this contemporary design you have two options for burial of your loved one's ashes; a land or water burial. It makes a firm choice of urn if your angel had a love for the outdoors. This urn is made by handcrafting together olive stones bound with plant extracts. The aesthetic the urn holds is naturistic, the design matches that with its natural olive colour and textures. 
Pictured below is the Eden Biodegradable Urn.
Modern Eden Biodegradable Urn

18) The Himalayan Rock Salt Biodegradable Urn

This modernist take on a water burial could be suitable for a loved one who was spiritual and had an uplifting sense of self. This urn has been handcrafted from naturally formed rock salts in the Himalayas.

Once placing your angel's ashes into the water soluble bag and then into the urn, you can then place them into the water, watching on as they gracefully become submerged. Depending on the weather conditions and movements of the water, it can take up to four hours for the urn to disperse. 

Pictured below is the Himalayan Rock Salt Biodegradable Urn.

Modern Biodegradable Himalayan Rock Salt Urn
Modern Biodegradable Himalayan Rock Salt Urn
There is also a keepsake version of the Himalayan Rock Salt Urn to hold smaller amounts of ashes here, pictured below. 
Biodegradable Modern Himalayan Rock Salt Keepsake Urn
You can find our whole collection of Biodegradable Urns here

Modern Metal Urns

This urn symbolises a balance of forces. The ball sits at the wider end of this piece, allowing for perfect balance with the thinner side. This could be a modernist way of signifying your loved one's composure and presence of mind, if they were a tranquil and calm individual. It would make a great addition to modern décor in a garden due to its robust design, or within a home. 
Pictured below is the Equilibrium Cremation Urn.
Modern Metal Equilibrium Cremation Urn
Modern Metal Equilibrium Cremation Urn
This urn's angular contemporary design makes it suitable for a loved one that had an interest in modern arts, geometric shapes and curves. It resembles rising over the obstacles your angel may have faced in life.
It has a captivating industrial design, which could embody the strength your cherished one may have had in life. It could make a great modern piece to add to your garden or home to have your loved one near you at all times. 
Pictured Below is The Rise Cremation Urn
Modern Metal Rise Cremation Urn
Modern Metal Rise Cremation Urn
You can find our whole collection of Metal Cremation Urns here.

We hope that this article has inspired you to think about our modern urn choices for your loved one's resting place and to help think of different ways to commemorate their legacy.

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