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Article: Why choose a Metal Urn?

Why choose a Metal Urn

Why choose a Metal Urn?

When a dearly beloved passes, choosing an urn that will be a dignified resting place for them can be challenging. In this article we will guide you through our metal urn collection, their properties, and why they may be the ideal tribute to your loved one. 

About Metal

Metal is often chosen for it's malleability. This material can be moulded easily into a variety of different shapes to showcase elegantly designed urns. Metal is also known for it's durability, with stainless steel being impervious to all manners of weather and climates.

What different types of metal do urns use?

Our metal urns are made with strong and reliable materials, each with its own unique characteristics and expertly crafted to be both durable and stylish. There is a wide range of different types of metal that could be used to store your loved ones cremation ashes, with 4 types of metal being used within our urns at Urns For Angels.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel and Matte black stainless steel are made of the same material and they are one of the options when choosing an indoor or outdoor urn as steel is very durable and resistant to any weather conditions. Stainless steel is commonly used in industrial equipment because it is a long-lasting material and easy to keep clean.

It has a shiny silver colour, making it a decorative piece and being a good addition to your home décor. It is easy to maintain and will keep its stunning appearance for many years to come.

Corten steel

Corten steel has high durability and exceptional resistance, being popularly used in sculptures and large structures like bridges and architectural engineering. The colour is similar to bronze, having a brown appearance that works well on all pieces for metal urns.


Bronze is widely known for its brown eye-catching colour and how flexible this metal can be as it is used in many different things until today, from sculptures to industrial equipment as bushings and bearings. As it is a malleable metal it is easy to work on and express emotion with detail within sculptures.

It is also resilient and its natural colour adds to the style of the metal urns. We also offer a beautiful green bronze, having the same resistance and fine design in a different colour.

Waxed steel

Waxed steel is a type of finishing for stainless steel that adds a protective coating to the metal and a rich black bronze colour to the metal’s surface. While it is just as strong and reliable as stainless steel, it comes with a completely different style that makes the piece more original and complements the piece's natural colour.

Where to place a Metal Urn?

With a modern aesthetic, these urns can be placed inside your home and will fit in perfectly with your home décor, Stainless steel and bronze are also ideal for display outdoors, as they are unaffected by environmental effects. For more information on where to place your urn, please see our guide here.

Is Metal the right choice?

Metal urns are very pleasing to the eye, they are available in a wide variety of shapes whilst keeping a glossy and strong appearance. This material is also very easy to maintain when it comes to cleaning and polishing to ensure it keeps the same beautiful look for years to come.

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