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Article: 20 Unusual Urns For Ashes

20 Unusual Urns For Ashes

20 Unusual Urns For Ashes

We have made it our mission to source only the finest, most unique urns for ashes from around the world. This has involved the team adding some unusual urns for ashes to our vast collection. But just because something is labelled unusual, it does not necessarily mean it has a negative connotation, it just means they are unique urns. Here are twenty of our most unusual urns for ashes uk. 

 Pinnacle Cremation Urn 

The Pinnacle Cremation Urn combines modern art with symbolism. There is a candle situated at the top of these geometrically shaped unique urns, which adds a nice and unique twist. These unique urns for ashes could be suitable for a loved one who had a taste in modern art perhaps an interest in geometric shapes.  Pinnacle Unusual urns for ashes

 Light Cremation Urn

The Light Cremation Urn is one of our most unusual cool cremation urns, which you could place in your home. The tea light inside the urn can be lit to create a relaxing ambience, and the delicate curvatures of the ceramic is contemporary and eye catching. Light Unusual Urns for Ashes

Saudade Cremation Urn

The Saudade Cremation Urn translates to meaning the deep nostalgic feeling of missing a loved one. It describes both the happy and sad times that you may recall. The teardrop shape signifies the physical embodiment of this emotional time. Saudade Unusual Urns for Ashes

The Nephesh Cremation Urn

The Porcelain The Nephesh Cremation Urn has a unique shape, the word Nephesh translates to "soul". It shows tribute to the symbolic passage of life from the physical form. It is a tasteful way to commemorate your loved one and maintain their memory within it. Nephesh Unusual Urns for Ashes

Journey Biodegradable Water Urn

This pillow shaped Journey Biodegradable Water Urn has been handcrafted with water soluble biodegradable paper, which can used within an eco-friendly water burial. The paper is crafted using an ancient harvesting technique using the bark from a Mulberry tree, leaving the tree to continue to grow, unharmed. Journey unusual urns for ashes

 SandSphere Biodegradable Urn

The SandSphere Biodegradable Urn made from raw and organic materials (such as vegetable minerals with sand) it can be used within a water or a land burial. If you decide to use these unusual urns for ashes for a water burial, they will start to dissolve in minutes, releasing your loved one into the water. With land burial, once buried, the unique urn will mix with the soil and slowly start to disperse your cherished one into the earth. Sandsphere Unusual Urns for Ashes uk

Arenae Biodegradable Water Urn

As life ends, it allows another one to begin and flourish. The Arenae Biodegradable Water Urn represents this with its rounded cylinder shape, linking to the circle of life. Made with raw materials, these unusual urns for ashes allow for a land or water burial.

 Arenae Unusual urns for ashes

Biodegradable Tree Urn

The Biodegradable Tree Urn is an eco-friendly option to commemorate your loved one's life, by growing a memory tree. It comes with a bamboo shell to protect the ashes until you have decided where to plant these unusual urns for ashes. Once you have planted this unique urn with a sapling or seed, the bamboo shell can be kept as a keepsake. Tree Unusual Urns for Ashes

The Eco Water Biodegradable Urn

After placing your loved one's ashes into The Eco Water Biodegradable Urn and placing it into the water, after roughly ten minutes of bobbing around at the surface, the bottom of these unusual cool cremation urns will start to slowly release your loved ones ashes into the flowing waves of the water. This is a beautiful departure, to become one with nature again. Eco water urn unusual urns for ashes

The Himalayan Rock Salt Biodegradable Urn

The Himalayan Rock Salt Biodegradable Urn has been entirely made of Himalayan rock salt, which has been sourced from the Himalayan mountains, which are 250 million years old. These unusual urns for ashes come with a water soluble bag to place your loved ones ashes into and then place within the unique urns. Once placing into the water, these unusual urns for ashes uk will gracefully become submerged to the ocean, river or lake bed and disperse and dissolve within a maximum of four hours, depending on the weather conditions and movements of the water. Himalayan unusual urns for ashes uk

The Boot Cremation Urn

The Boot Cremation Urn can represent travelling, which could be a good choice of urn for your angel if they had an interest in travelling and being outdoors. These unusual urns for ashes are made from wood, meaning they can be placed in the home, or even buried as they would decompose in roughly 2-5 years, releasing your loved one into the earth. Boot Unique Urns for Ashes

The Horse Head Cremation Urn

The Horse Head Cremation Urn can be used to cherish a beloved pet horse, or maybe even your family member who had a love for horses. It has been created from lime wood, meaning it is biodegradable. You could place your loved one in your home, or even bury them, releasing them to nature in about 2-5 years. Horse Head Unusual Urns for Ashes uk

The Motorcycle Helmet Cremation Urn

The Motorcycle Helmet Cremation Urn could be used to honour your loved one's passion for riding their motorcycle, or even their interest in motorcycles. These unique urns have been sculpted by the finest wood, to place in your home, or return your cherished one to the world through the soil they are buried in to. These unusual cool cremation urns will naturally decompose within 2-5 years. Motorcycle Helmet Unusual Urns for Ashes

The Boat Cremation Urn

The Boat Cremation Urn could be a great way to commemorate a loved one who had a passion for boating or an interest in the open water. These unusual urns for ashes resemble gracefully voyaging on the open seas. These Unique urns for ashes have been carefully and beautifully carved out of lime wood by our artisans, therefore your beloved could be placed in your home, or buried into the ground to decompose in 2-5 years, releasing your loved one's ashes into the earth. Boat Cremation Urns for Ashes

The Mushroom Cremation Urn

The Mushroom Cremation Urns are beautifully unique urns which have been made from Swiss Pine wood, making them biodegradable. This means you could bury your loved ones ashes with these unusual cool cremation urns in the ground, giving back to nature. These unique urns for ashes could be suitable if your loved one had a green thumb and a love for nature. Mushroom Unusual urns for ashes

The Lotus Cremation Urn

The Lotus Cremation Urn stands beautifully. Even in the dirtiest of waters and hardships, they bloom and produce a beautiful flower, symbolising new life. It shows the purity of the heart and mind. These unusual urns for ashes uk are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as it is made from a variant of strong and durable materials to withstand any weather. Lotus unusual urns for ashes uk

The Ascension Cremation Urn

The Ascension Cremation Urn could be suitable for a loved one that was a dreamer and had plenty of ambitions. The arms that stretch up on these unusual cool cremation urns could symbolise your angel's dreams ascending into the sky above. This could be a great way to symbolise a confident and bold loved one, with an eye-catching piece suitable for indoor and outdoor use due to its options of various different metals that can withstand the weather. Ascension Unusual Urns for Ashes uk

The Wave Cremation Urn

The Wave Cremation Urn was designed to resemble a tidal wave, representing the impact a loved one has had in your life. It slowly rises and gives you hope and high emotions, whilst flowing back into the sea to finally be at peace. These unusual urns for ashes uk a modern and sleek piece, which could be added to your home décor or placed outside. These unusual urns for ashes could be a great choice of urn for an angel that possibly once loved being at the beach, watching or being in the waves. Wave Unusual Urns for Ashes

The Tennis Child Cremation Urn

The Tennis Child Cremation Urn could be a good choice for a loved one who was a fan of tennis. The small ball that is placed on top of the smooth surface is what will hold your angel's ashes securely. There is a choice of different sustainable metals, to create your desired aesthetic to be placed in the home (Corten, stainless and waxed steel) or to be placed outdoors (stainless steel). Tennis Ball Unusual Urns for Ashes

Equilibrium Cremation Urn for Ashes Range

Equilibrium Cremation Urn for Ashes Range are named for its representation of perfect balance. The wide end of the base and thin end at the top creates a state of equilibrium, allowing a smooth steel ball to rest on the curve. The steel ball enhances the sense of equilibrium by showing how an unstable object like a sphere can reach a perfect balance. This timeless, disciplined design makes for a beautiful addition to your home. Equilibrium Unusual Urns for Ashes

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