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Article: Beautiful Garden Urns For Ashes

Beautiful Garden Urns For Ashes
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Beautiful Garden Urns For Ashes

When picking an urn for ashes to store your loved ones ashes, you might want to choose one that can be placed in your garden. This article has been created to give you a greater understanding of which type of garden urns for human ashes there are. If you wish to see our complete collection of garden urns, you can view them here.

Why do some families keep their loved one's urn in their garden?

Some families keep their loved one in their garden because they can create a personal memorial for them, for example using their favourite flowers as decoration around the garden memorial urns to remember them. Or perhaps their family members may have liked spending time outside, why not place them in their favourite spot where they liked sitting in the garden? They also might have been an outdoorsy person, so it could be a fitting resting place to honour them.

How can our Garden Urns for Ashes UK be stored?

Our Garden Urns for Ashes have been beautifully handcrafted by our artisans, whom we have been working alongside for many years. Our beautiful garden ornaments for ashes not only look outstanding, they also are strong and resilient to the weather. Our artisans created these marvellous ceramic pieces to be cherished, by using mixtures of clay, powders and water to mould into these unique designs. 

To make our Outdoor Urns for Ashes robust, look unique and become resistant to atmospheric influence, the garden memorial urns are fired in a kiln at very high temperatures to form and solidify. Depending on the glaze that has been used, we can also change the colour, meaning they can be intertwined with your garden design that you may already have, or even stand out, if that's what you would like for your loved one.

An example of one of Our Garden urns for Ashes is our Angel Wings Cremation Urn. These garden urns for human ashes have been beautifully carved into the wings of an angel. Along side this garden memorial for cremation ashes is our Caleo Keepsake Candle which can also be a garden ornament for ashes. Angel Wings & Caleo Keepsake Garden Urns for Ashes

Another example of our garden urns for ashes is our Pinnacle Cremation Urns for Ashes. These garden Urns for Ashes was created with the idea of blending symbolism and modern art together. The tip of these garden memorials can be removed to reveal a space for a tealight candle. Upon lighting the remembrance candle situated, the warm flame will harmonise with it's surroundings creating an ambient atmosphere in times of remembrance. A tealight is included with these outdoor urns for ashes. Garden Urns for Ashes - Pinnacle

Finally Our Passage Cremation Urns our another example garden urns for ashes we have available. These Outdoor Urns for Ashes uk are hand-sculpted into a highly unique shape. The image of the passage is symbolic of new starts and hope, with it resembling an open passageway. The rounded shape of this outdoor urn also has a deep meaning, with it being a symbol for life and wholeness, making this a thoughtful and loving theme for these garden urns.

Garden Urns for Ashes - Passage

What are the benefits of keeping an urn in your garden?

A good benefit to having garden memorials for cremated ashes is that you can visit your loved one whenever you like, as they are close to you. You can also decorate the memorial to your personal taste, without restrictions, which they might have at a cemetery or a columbarium. 

Was the garden your loved ones favourite place to be? Placing their urn in your garden would be a nice way to commemorate them and their spirit. Pictured below is our Pebble Cremation Urn which would be a great addition to your garden memorial as a choice of outdoor urns for ashes uk. Garden Urns for Ashes - Pebble

Can I place my keepsake urn in my garden?

Absolutely. All keepsake counterparts of our outdoor urns are suitable to place in your garden. Our keepsake cremation urns are perfect for complementing our adult sized urns and can be placed alongside them or placed elsewhere in your house or maybe another family member's house or garden.

An example of a keepsake garden urn is our Infinity Ashes Keepsake which was created with the idea of eternal remembrance in mind. The infinity symbol flows seamlessly across the face of the ceramic urn, symbolising the everlasting memories from which you've shared with your loved one. Below is an image of our Infinity ashes keepsake alongside our adult size Garden urn. Infinity Matching Set Garden Urns for Ashes

You can view our full collection of Ceramic Urns here.

Can I put my dog's ashes in the garden?

We also offer a wide range of dog urns which can be placed outdoors depending on the material the cremation urn has been crafted by. 

For example our Dog Portrait Urn for Ashes has been crafted using ceramic meaning it is also suitable for outdoor use as it is fired at over 1000℃, enabling a resistance to atmospheric influences. The true beauty of this dog ashes urn for garden is the simplistic yet inspiring design which can be used for any breed of dog. While its exterior is distinct, its functionality as an urn cannot be discerned by looks alone, making it the perfect decoration in honour of your pet best friend. Dog Portrait Garden Urns for Ashes uk

Another example of garden ornaments to hold ashes for dogs is our Paw Print Cremation Urn for Pets Ashes. This Dog ashes urn for garden has been delicately designed to hold the precious ashes of your loving Dog. This ceramic urn has been shaped into a small oval-like shape which has been precisely smoothed down to perfection. These outdoor urns for ashes are suitable for outdoor use as they are fired at over 1000℃, enabling a resistance to atmospheric influences. Paw Print Garden Urns for Ashes

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