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Article: Biodegradable Urns for Pets

Biodegradable Urns for Pets

Biodegradable Urns for Pets

Pets spend a little fraction of our lives with us. Yet in that precious time, they give us all their love and companionship. This kind of companionship is a bond shared only between us and our pets, and their selfless love is truly unforgettable. It's only natural to want to give our furry friends the send off they deserve when their time comes. 

Today we will talk about our biodegradable pet urn range which is ideal if you want to have an eco-friendly burial for your beloved four-legged friend. It is a symbolic and beautiful way of saying goodbye to your pet.

Our Embark Biodegradable Water Urn (pictured below) for large pets is entirely made from soluble salt, making it ideal for sea burial. Symbolising purity and serenity, this beautiful pet ashes urn's pure white exterior is an ideal choice for those seeking to give the burial of their pet a serene send-off. 

This ashes urn is hard and resistant in dry environments, but as soon as you place it in water, it will begin to dissolve, and the ashes will disperse. Since this pet urn is 100% biodegradable, it makes for a perfect send-off at sea that is entirely environmentally friendly.

Life's cyclical aspects are represented by the shape of the SandSphere Urn. Bone ornaments and paw adornment complement each other well and give the urn a natural feel. This urn for small pets is handcrafted using a blend of natural organic materials, including raw vegetable minerals and sand.

The SandSphere allows for your pet to be returned to nature in an eco-friendly way that benefits the environment. Its properties make it react differently based on the environment it’s placed in.

Our medium-sized Heart-shaped Biodegradable Urn (pictured below) can hold the cremated remains of a dog or cat. This urn can be used to temporarily store your pet's ashes before a biodegradable burial.

This Heart Shaped biodegradable urn comes in three different variants. The heart-shaped urn in pastel is hand painted with flowing bright colours and golden floret ornaments.

Floral white has dainty flower petals embedded in the whole urn. The last burial design follows in a warm, almost golden, woodgrain finish

Another beautiful tribute to your cherished pet is the Bamboo Biodegradable Burial Urn for Pet Ashes. With its curved edges, this burial urn has an elegant cylinder-like design with a secure locking pin to ensure your pet’s ashes remain safe inside.

It is made entirely from bamboo and upon placing your pet’s ashes inside the urn and burying them it will take approximately 2-6 months to completely biodegrade.

Our Eco Water™ Biodegradable Urn (pictured below) for Pet Ashes is a thoughtful burial solution for your furry friend. This pet urn has a uniquely crafted design. After placing your pet’s ashes into the urn and placing it in water, the urn will float upright and will bobble up and down for about ten minutes.

Each water urn is packaged in a handcrafted bamboo cylinder case. This portable protective case allows you to carry the pet urn to a dignified location for your four-legged companion.

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