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Article: How Long Do Biodegradable Urns Last?

How Long Do Biodegradable Urns Last?

How Long Do Biodegradable Urns Last?

If you are choosing a biodegradable urn for your loved one's ashes, you might have noticed that the time taken for urns to dissolve and disperse your beloved's ashes may vary. In this article we will explore why this happens, and how each biodegradable material reacts under different conditions.

Why do some Urns take longer to dissolve?

All biodegradable urns for ashes can last a long time if they are kept in dry environments. Between keeping them in your home, burying them in the soil, and water burials, times may also differ.

Water burial urns tend to take less time to disperse your loved one's ashes. These types of urns are usually made of sand, minerals or salt. Some Mulberry Tree urns can also be used for water burials. Our sand and mineral urns are bound with natural biodegradable adhesives that begin dissolving on contact with water, and as such, they will disperse over the course of a few minutes.
Salt rock urns are dense and quite weighty, and may take up to four hours to disperse your loved one's ashes.

Land burial urns usually take a lot longer to disperse the minerals and ashes throughout the soil, as they remain dense for longer without moisture. This usually happens over the course of a few weeks to months as the earth will naturally meld with the urn, though it will depend on rainfall and other environmental factors.

Some urns can be used for either a water or land burial. Reacting differently based on the conditions.

Urns for Land & Water Burial

The SandSphere urn is handcrafted using a blend of natural organic materials. This burial urn's shape symbolises the cyclical aspects of life. As one ends, it becomes the literal foundation of new life, taking shape and flourishing again.

The Geos Earth is an innovative, biodegradable urn. The delicate maple leaf imprints in the middle of Geos Earth urn symbolise peaceful moments of life. This handmade sphere-shaped ashes urn is also accompanied by beautiful earthy colour tones.

Urns For Water Burial

The Embark urn is entirely made from natural water-soluble salt. The urn’s pure white outer shell creates a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere. The urn has debossed patterns through the cross-section of the urn, completing its pure white aesthetic and embellishing the shell with sea-themed objects.

The Journey Biodegradable Water Urn has been handcrafted using water-soluble biodegradable paper made from Mulberry Tree bark. Our Journey urn has beautifully drawn graphic flowers such as dogwood shale or lily blue. You can also choose a simpler, just as elegant cremation urn design such as embossed pearl or aqua blossom blue.

We also offer a water-soluble urn made entirely of Himalayan Rock Salt.
Originally found in the Himalayan mountains, this Himalayan Rock Salt is over 250-million years old. Depending on the movement of the water and the weather conditions, it may take up to four hours for the natural rock salts to dissolve and disperse your loved one's ashes.

Himalayan Rock Salt Biodegradable Water Urn, skilled craftsmen sculpted a barrel form from the rock. This urn has a hollowed out centre, in which you can place your loved ones' ashes inside. The soft pinks and oranges of each urn are naturally variable, making it a unique piece of art.

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