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Article: Companion Cremation Urns - A Beautiful Commitment

Companion Cremation Urns - A Beautiful Commitment

Companion Cremation Urns - A Beautiful Commitment

Some relationships won’t be parted by death, at Urns For Angels, we offer companion cremation urns that allow two loved ones to remain together forever.

What are Companion Cremation Urns?

Companion Cremation Urns are larger than usual urns, specifically designed to hold the ashes of two adults. This gives people the opportunity to find eternal peace together, whether that’s husband and wife wishing not to be parted by death or a chance to be reunited with a loved one that has already passed.

Different types and materials

Different people like different things, therefore it is of importance to offer a selection of different materials, designs, colours and purposes.

Metal Urns are of premium quality with a sleek and modern aesthetic to compliment and add to a home. These metal urns that have been carefully and precisely handcrafted, are made of stainless steel making them suitable for both indoors and outdoors. We offer a wide range of complex and simplistic designs; as well as selection on colour, from matte black to bronze tones, as well as combinations.

Our Eternal Cremation Companion Urn is designed to symbolise the infinity of time, the everlasting love of partners and the never-ending memory of your loved ones. The sustainability of metal urns gives you a sense of calm knowing that your loved ones are protected and resting within a tenable material.

Biodegradable Urns are an eco-friendly way to to bury your beloved within the earths natural environments. We offer a selection to suit both earth and water burials, one type of our wooden urns are handcrafted of sustainably sourced bark from a Mulberry tree. The bark is harvested using a method which does not harm the tree, allowing it to continue to grow and flourish.

Our Journey Water Urn is made of water soluble paper, which will submerge and melt into the water alongside your loved ones ashes. Biodegradable urns give you a unique opportunity to present your angel with a mesmerising and graceful send off.

Our Heart Shaped Biodegradable Companion Urn comes in two parts, creating the shape of a single heart when united. The biodegradable material gives you the option to have an eco-friendly burial for your loved ones, the urn alongside with your loved ones ashes will naturally disperse over time, allowing your loved one's cremains to feed back into the earth creating a sense of peaceful everlasting life.

What is the difference between Companion Urns and Matching Keepsake Urns?

Matching Keepsake Urns are separate urns which come together as a paired set, to provide family with the choice to share their beloved’s ashes. Whereas Companion Urns provide people with the chance to rest together as one.

Whether kept in the home as part of a shrine or buried to gift your beloved back into the earth, it is comforting to know that two who loved each other in life, are resting together in death. It is a commitment for those who wish never to let each other go, an imperishable connection that will last forever.

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