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Article: The Best Locations For Land Burials

The Best Locations For Land Burials

The Best Locations For Land Burials

There are plenty of locations and ideas of where to bury your loved one’s ashes. In this article, we will discuss plenty of suggestions with you to inform you of the varied options of land burials available. 

In your Garden

It is perfectly legal and safe to do this. Burying your loved one’s ashes in your garden can be for personal reasons. With this chosen method, you can keep your beloved family member close by, as home is where the heart is. 

Burying your loved one in your garden allows you to create a more personal memorial site, with no rules or regulations holding you back, in comparison to a crematoria garden. This makes your loved one’s resting place more sentimental to you and your family. 

With this idea in mind, it is also wise to think about the future- if you sell your house further down the line after burying your loved one’s ashes in your garden, you may not be able to visit your loved one’s resting place. This could be due to the new owner possibly not allowing this, as it is their private land now. On the other hand, you could move your ashes that have been buried to another location, but you will need an exhumation license to do this. We have a whole collection available to view of our outdoor urns for ashes and our land burial urns online. 

In a Grave

This could be in a cemetery or churchyard. You can choose to bury them directly in the ground, or have your loved one placed in an urn before placing them in a burial plot. Unlike a traditional burial, there is no time limit to when you may want to bury your family member’s cremated ashes. 

You may decide to bury your loved one’s ashes into an already existing grave site, with another family member of yours that had been buried beforehand. To do this, you have to be the next of kin with a claim of the exclusive burial rights or the owner of the grave plot.

With this idea, it could be more sentimental as your recently departed loved one will be forever resting in your family plot and reside with your family. You can visit them both together in their resting place.

Crematoria Garden

A crematoria garden is a garden in a cemetery set aside for those who have chosen to be cremated. When a loved one is placed in a garden of this kind, it becomes a designated area for your family and friends to reflect and remember your cherished one in a tranquil setting.

There are plenty of options to choose from if you decide to have your family member’s resting place to be in a crematoria garden. For example, there are the options of ground land burials, cremation monuments/markers, cremation benches, columbaria or a scattering garden. 

What are Ground Land Burials?

Burying your loved one’s cremated remains is called the interment of ashes. This takes place with burying the ashes of your family member in a designated plot of land at the cemetery garden. You can then personalize the plot with a headstone or customised marker suitable to you and your family. The cremation monuments or markers can be fully customised to suit your taste or reflect on your loved one’s personality.

What are Cremation Benches?

It is a place that can be marked to remember your loved one, whilst also marking the place of their burial. It can be placed in many locations, for example a crematoria garden, your private garden or even a park that your cherished one used to love visiting. 

There is also the option with cremation benches to have the bench cored out to actually hold your family members ashes inside the bench, therefore whenever you visit their resting place in the location you have chosen, they will be close to you and can be visited by generations to come.

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium can be a wall, room or building designed to hold cremated remains in a peaceful and composed environment. In these environments there are niches where your loved one’s ashes will be placed into, and have a customised marker of your choice to locate their resting place.

Each niche usually has space for up to four cremation urns. Therefore, you could place your loved one’s ashes into an already existing niche that contains another family member’s cremated remains or have a brand new niche of their own. 

What is a Scattering Garden?

A scattering garden is a designated area in a cemetery, with its purpose being that it is available to have people scatter their loved one’s ashes into. This is a collected and peaceful area to scatter your cherished one’s remains, with a wall or scroll which holds the names and dates of other individuals who have been scattered in this garden.

The majority of people chose to scatter their family member’s ashes in a scattering garden due to it being a permanent and accessible area for other family members and future generations to visit in the future. 

Eco friendly burials have become favoured in recent years. At Urns For Angels, we offer eco friendly options for scattering such as the Bamboo Eco Friendly Scattering Tube for Ashes.

You can find more of our biodegradable urns for ashes and wooden urns for ashes in our online store.

Woodland Burial Grounds

Woodland burials can be a beautiful way to have your loved one rest, surrounded by nature and tranquillity. If you chose to have a woodland burial, it is important to remember that you need a biodegradable urn. That way, the cremation urn can be returned back into the earth in the following years to come.

The burial of the cremation urn will be in a location of lots of nature and trees, bringing them closer to nature once more. It is an alternative to the traditional burial options that are available to you, but this could be more fitting and personal to your loved one if they enjoyed being outdoors and were naturistic. 

Woodland ground burials are also known as green burials, as they have less impact on the environment. They also are more flexible in the sense that they aren't traditional, so you may choose to have a ceremony at the place of burial in the woodlands or you may not, the options are there for you to decide what is best for yourself and your family. 

There are also non traditional options, where instead of having a headstone to mark your loved one’s resting place, you can preserve the beauty of the woodlands around the burial site and plant a memorial tree or place a bronze plaque in remembrance of your cherished one. 

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